JAdamsDesigns' Shop Announcement

Currently going through some creative changes. Hopefully more to come soon.

Want more!?

Buddha images, Vampire's, Anime, Steampunk, Jewelry, Bright colors, and many other things are found in my shop. I am always turning over more and more ideas in my head, and I am always working to bring them to you! J.Adams Designs is very influenced by those deep thoughts we all have. Pop Culture which is forever around us, Fun Bright colors, and the ever fun and distracting SHINY THINGS! that we stumble upon from time to time..

All of my Art, Jewelry and screen printings are 100% hand made! No machines here anywhere! Especially true for the Screen Prints!! I make the design, I burn it to the screen, I pull the print, everything! There's no machines here to make designs, no helpers doing things for me, I am as hand made as you can get!

*PLEASE NOTE* If my shop is looking empty, it's most likely because I am/was at the local Art Market. I will have my t-shirts and other things back up soon! Please check back!

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Enjoy and let me know if you need any help!