JAmberg's Shop Announcement

02/09/2016: Just renewed one of Marc's handcut bandsaw face images. These pieces are very unique & original works of art. Please enjoy responsibly.
02/06/2016: Renewed the Peruvian Walnut chest. This piece offers a lot of storage at a good price. This one looks like mini dresser. This is my furniture making experience showing through.
02/02/2016: Just added accessory box #578. This is a hand cut bandsaw image piece with some exotic flair.
Doing some custom work right now so it might be a while before I post anything new.
I do have some new & special pieces in the planning stages so keep looking for them. I will start them as soon as I am finished with the custom orders. Thanks for your support & understanding.
01/30/2016: Just updated a listing for a beautiful Rengos mini box.
Check it out.
01/19/2016: I got a phone call the other day from a gallery customer. They had purchased a box as a special gift for their granddaughter. They shipped it only to discover that the package never reached it's destination.
They called me in despair & asked if I could recreate the box they had purchased. The box was very distinctive & I knew I could do it again so I said yes.
Today, they came to my shop & picked up their new box. Handshakes, hugs & thank yous abounded.
They were more than pleased & it felt good to be part of something that was way bigger than me or them.
For one day, the human spirit prevailed in good way.Their granddaughter will be happy too.
01/15/2016: Thank you to Fiona Bleu for selling the Partridgewood 2 drawer box plus 2 mini boxes in December.
01/14/2016: Thank you to Z Folio Gallery in Solvang,CA for selling 5 mini boxes during December & thank you to all of my loyal followers & customers.
01/01/2016: Happy new year to all.
Just updated listings for two beautiful jewelry boxes.
12/21/2015: Just updated 2 listings. Have a happy & safe holiday season.
Peace be with all of you.
12/16/2015: Just renewed 3 listings. Enjoy.
12/10/2015: A big thank you to Joe for buying the Hawaiian Water Lilly 2 drawer box. Beautiful image piece.
Also a big thank you to Julie Dunn @ Gallery at the Network in SLO,CA. She gave me a large box of exotic wood cutoffs from here husband's shop; he makes large furniture pieces. I'm like a kid in a candy store with all this beautiful wood. Now the fun begins. I get to figure out what I can make from these wonderful scraps. Guess you will see them starting in 2016.
12/09/2015: Thank you to Z Folio Gallery in Solvang, CA for selling 6 more mini boxes in November. They keep me busy & I get to use up all my small pieces of wood. Even the leftovers can be beautiful. I'm glad to be able to share them with you.

This not about tooting my own horn. This is to let potential Etsy customers know that my work sells & if there is something they like, they need to purchase it before someone else buys it. All of my work is one of a kind so once it's sold it's gone forever. I do not intend to ever make the same box twice.

08/23/2015: Reminder to all Etsy viewers. Please check out my simple, no hassle lay away option. This make each and everyone of my pieces affordable on most folks budgets because you only pay what you can afford. You set the terms & I will agree to them. You make your payments; the piece is yours. Simple, affordable & easy.
08/20/2015: Just renewed another mini box with this reminder: every one of these mini boxes on my Etsy site is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Yes, they are that small yet they have all the details I put in the larger pieces.

07/21/2015: I was working on a group of new mini boxes when I realized that every piece of wood I was working with has a history with me. I can tell you when & where I got the wood & what project it was to be used for. Now I am using the off cuts to make mini boxes. Buy a mini box & start your own story.
07/16/2015: Just relisted the box with the James Krenov inspired drawer pulls. For those of you who don't who he was: in short, one of the finest woodworkers of the 20th century. His work is studied & replicated by woodworkers from all over the world. A master craftsman. It's hard for me to believe that this piece still remains unsold. What a pity.

Lesson learned. If you want to see a small business succeed you need to patronize them. With out your support they will fail. I urge all of you to buy from small, local businesses whenever you can. Our businesses need you for us to keep going.

04/24/2015: You can thank Etsy customer Maryanne for my new Layaway policy. If not for her I would not have thought about doing it. We communicated; she asked if I would accept payments & I decided to say yes. The rest is history. She now has a box & I got paid, plus now I can offer Layaway to all of my Etsy customers. Layaway even applies to all items in this listing including SALE items. Now there is a deal for you: Layaway plus a SALE. Go for it.
04/21/2015: It's official. I am pleased to announce that I now have an official Layaway policy & procedure. It applies to every art piece on this site. Click on the layaway icon & follow the process.
04/19/2015: How about a big shout out to Lindy Lee Treasury for helping me with my new banner.. Hope you like it . More to come.
Look for more on my new & improved Layaway policy in the weeks to come.
I want to make my work more accessible to those folks with limited financial resources. My policy will be flexible & accommodating on an as needed basis.
Any questions? Contact me. Let's see what we can work out together.

03/15/2015: A big thank you to the purchaser of my Isigo double drawer box. They bought it off my other website: jambergjewelryboxes.com. Check it out. Much more personal & friendly than I can make my Etsy site. That's why I have both sites so I can reach as many buyers & art lovers as I can.
Thanks for your support.

Don't forget to check out my pieces marked: SALE. Good value & storage for sure.

01/24/2015: Just a heads up for you folks. I am flexible about your purchases. Make me a payment proposal & I will tell you if I am willing to accept it. Right now I am working with a customer who proposed 4 payments. I get a cashiers check at regular intervals on a schedule the customer set. I have pulled their item out of inventory to save it for them. Thought you might like to know this.
It may make it easier for you to purchase from me

A change of Mind; a change of Heart.
With that said, aloha & welcome to my updated & improved etsy website: J Amberg ART with a Purpose which I will operate in conjunction with my own personal ART with a Purpose website:
I invite you to check out my new site.
The changes you will see on my etsy site:
New art pieces added on a regular, consistant basis week after week, month after
Custom orders will no longer be accepted. Sorry for the inconvienience.
Shipping will now be added to the cost of your purchase. I can't compete with Amazon.
These changes will allow me to include smaller & less expensive pieces to the inventory.
Thank you for your past interest, support & patronage
Enjoy the show.

Mahalo, Jim