JAmberg's Shop Announcement

08/23/2015: Reminder to all Etsy viewers. Please check out my simple, no hassle lay away option. This make each and everyone of my pieces affordable on most folks budgets because you only pay what you can afford. You set the terms & I will agree to them. You make your payments; the piece is yours. Simple, affordable & easy.

08/20/2015: Just listed mini box #567. Beautiful Koa top. Nice gift idea or a treat for yourself.
I am going to keep listing these online. Someday somebody online will step up & buy one. They sell well in person; still trying to figure out why none bought online.
08/20/2015: Thank you to B Anthony & Co for selling the last of my exotic stripe mini boxes. I don't expect to make any more of these. They also sold the Tulipwood min box #512.
08/20/2015: Just renewed another mini box with this reminder: every one of these mini boxes on my Etsy site is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Yes, they are that small yet they have all the details I put in the larger pieces.
08/17/2015: Another good month at ZFolio Gallery in Solvang,CA. Sold two drawer box #431 plus 7 mini boxes. Great store to be in & to visit. They have beautiful handmade jewelry from artists from all over the world. It is an honor to have my work in their store. Please check them out if you are ever in the area.
08/15/2015: Just renewed 5 listings. I will be adding new listings sometime this week too.
08/11/2015: Thank you to Fiona Bleu Contemporary Gallery in Morro Bay, CA for selling mini boxes #517 & 524.
08/10/2015: Thank you to Gallery at the Network in San Luis Obispo for selling mini box #494. This one had a distinctive orange top, round box & green silk liner. Somebody got a nice little treasure.
08/09/2015: Finally, I get to post a new piece. Check out box #560, the live edge Black Heart Mango two drawer jewelry box. This one is a real beauty. I hope you agree.
07/31/2015: Sorry folks. I just removed the Rengos Chest I posted on the 22nd. It sold at the second Los Osos Art After Dark event held tonight. Didn't think that one would last very long & it didn't.
07/30/2015: Just relisted 2 more mini boxes. Come on. Somebody buy a mini box on line.
Each one a little work of art in a small size.
07/27/2015: This Friday, July 31 will be the next Art After Dark event in Los Osos at the Community Center. Last month we had over 600 people & I was able to sell 4 of my art pieces.
Please come if you can. It is from 6 to 9 pm. There will be food, drink, music & beautiful artwork. I look forward to seeing you.
07/22/2015: If you like spectacular exotic woods the piece I have just posted is for you. Check out piece #561 made from rain forest Rengos. The grain pattern is fantastic. Easily in my top five all time for awesome woods worked with. This wood glows at night under overhead light.
07/21/2015: I was working on a group of new mini boxes when I realized that every piece of wood I was working with has a history with me. I can tell you when & where I got the wood & what project it was to be used for. Now I am using the off cuts to make mini boxes. Buy a mini box & start your own story.
07/16/2015: Just relisted the box with the James Krenov inspired drawer pulls. For those of you who don't who he was: in short, one of the finest woodworkers of the 20th century. His work is studied & replicated by woodworkers from all over the world. A master craftsman. It's hard for me to believe that this piece still remains unsold. What a pity.

07/13/2015: It has been awhile, but I just posted a new piece. This is a large & beautiful, heirloom quality jewelry chest. Not cheap, but an excellent value with tons of storage capacity.
You can see this piece in person at Z Folio Gallery in Solvang, CA. Remember, I offer lay away too.
07/07/2015: Just updated a couple of listings. Had a chance to rework a couple of boxes that came back to me after a gallery closed. Check out the Coastal Red Milkwood box. I added a small detail to the pulls. I hope you like it. I also put a new top on a box. Gone is the top with the face on it. I have replaced it with a beautiful figured piece of Peruvian Copaiba. It completely changes the look of this piece,
Check out the updates & let me know what you think.
06/26/2015: Thank you to all the local folks for a spectacular turn out at the first Los Osos Art After Dark event. Huge success. Personally, I sold 4 pieces. Very unexpected & so cool.
06/24/2015: Reminder: Art After Dark in Los Osos is this Friday, June 26th from 6-9pm.
I hope you can make it. See you there.
06/23/2015: Thank you to ZFolio gallery in Solvang, CA for taking 21 pieces. 3 were from other stores & 18 are custom pieces made expressly for ZFolio
Go check these folks out. They have a beautiful Gallery & I am honored to be able to show & sell my artwork there.
.06/12/2015: A major thank you to ZFolio Gallery for selling box #402, the Black Pashaco 2 drawer box & 5 mini boxes made especially for their gallery. Wow. That's a lot for one month.
If you are ever in Solvang,CA you need to check these folks out. They have a fantastic gallery.
Thank you to Fiona Bleu Contemporary Gallery for selling box #485, a curved 2 drawer sycamore box & Box #538, a cocobolo mini box.
People like those mini boxes. Come on online buyers, it's time to step up & purchase a mini box & see for yourself how cool they really are.
06/08/2015: Thank you to Gallery at the Network for selling mini box #507 made from Teak & Estoraque. You folks on line are really missing out on those mini boxes. Same quality & materials on a small scale with a price to match. Plus free shipping too.
06/07/2015: Sorry for not posting any new pieces. I'm just finishing up one in the next week or so.
Just finished a custom order that is already sold. If you want to see it go to & select the portfolio option & then select boxes. It will be the first image. Very fun project to do
. I will be using some of the ideas on future boxes.
Something to look forward to.
06/03/2015: Thank you to ZFolio Gallery in Solvang, CA for selling box #451. This was a craftsman inspired Honduran Mahogany 2 drawer box with cloud lift drawer fronts & pulls. Somebody got a very nice piece.
05/28/2015: Thank you to Fiona Bleu Contemporary Gallery in Morro Bay,CA for selling 3 more mini boxes during April. Always nice to get paid for your art.
05/28/2015: Save the date : 06/26/2015. Los Osos is having it's 1st Art After Dark event at the Los Osos Community Center from 6pm to 9pm. Looking forward to seeing all of you local art lovers there. I will have some old pieces plus some new ones too. Please come out & support your local artists. It's how we keep it going.
05/04/2015: Sad to report that Art & Soul Gallery in Santa Barbara has gone out of business. I wish Krista well.
Lesson learned. If you want to see a small business succeed you need to patronize them. With out your support they will fail. I urge all of you to buy from small, local businesses whenever you can. Our businesses need you for us to keep going.
04/29/2015: Just reposted my SALE items. There are some very good deals to be had.
04/24/2015: You can thank Etsy customer Maryanne for my new Layaway policy. If not for her I would not have thought about doing it. We communicated; she asked if I would accept payments & I decided to say yes. The rest is history. She now has a box & I got paid, plus now I can offer Layaway to all of my Etsy customers. Layaway even applies to all items in this listing including SALE items. Now there is a deal for you: Layaway plus a SALE. Go for it.
04/21/2015: It's official. I am pleased to announce that I now have an official Layaway policy & procedure. It applies to every art piece on this site. Click on the layaway icon & follow the process.
04/19/2015: How about a big shout out to Lindy Lee Treasury for helping me with my new banner.. Hope you like it . More to come.
Look for more on my new & improved Layaway policy in the weeks to come.
I want to make my work more accessible to those folks with limited financial resources. My policy will be flexible & accommodating on an as needed basis.
Any questions? Contact me. Let's see what we can work out together.

04/16/2015: Lately all I have been able to do is renew listing on my site
. Reason being my body is betraying me making it difficult to work on new pieces.
I have 3 on my work bench that I have not yet finished
. Right now there is no time table. I am focusing on trying to heal my back so I can resume work.
In the meantime I have met someone who will be helping me to improve my website so stay tuned for future developments that should improve your viewing of my site.
It might take a while, but this keeps my mind engaged in the process even when my body can't be.
Thank you for being loyal Etsy fans.
03/17/2015: Thank you to Fiona Bleu for selling mini box #523 .Check out those mini boxes. Little works of art at an affordable price. Free shipping too.
03/15/2015: A big thank you to the purchaser of my Isigo double drawer box. They bought it off my other website: Check it out. Much more personal & friendly than I can make my Etsy site. That's why I have both sites so I can reach as many buyers & art lovers as I can.
Thanks for your support.
03/11/2015: Just sold the fun little mini box with the beveled flower at Gallery at the Network. "Hands on wood" has been a profitable showcase for me so far. Thanks for buying from me.
03/05/2015: Posted the 2nd of 2 mini boxes. Perfect small gift that fits in the palm of your hand.
Don't forget to check out my pieces marked: SALE. Good value & storage for sure.
03/01/2015: A big thank you to ZFolio for a special sale. That"s all I can say for now. Beautiful piece.
02/26/2015: Posted a beautiful mini box made from left overs from making drawer boxes for an up coming piece. The saw was set to make drawer boxes so I used the leftovers to make this little gem.
Be sure to check out my pieces marked SALE. Extremely good values to be had for sure.
02/20/2015: Many thanks to Gallery at the Network for selling piece #525, the black walnut natural edge wavey drawer box during their "Hands on Wood" showcase. Always grateful when a piece sells. Never gets old & I do not take it for granted.
02/19/2015: Added a new piece: box #537. This is a 4 space necklace or bracelet box with a decorative divider. Also, be sure to check out the 4 items marked down for quick sale. These pieces are a good value for lots of storage space.
02/19/2015: Thank you to Fiona Bleu Gallery for selling min box #520.
02/15/2015: Check out the 4 items marked SALE SALE SALE. These pieces have been significantly marked down. I want to move them to make room for new inventory. Very good deals to be had here.
02/12/2015: Just posted a very unique, large capacity jewelry box made from Koa. Check out the fabulous grain pattern on the top.It reminds me of a dragonfly in flight. Fun stuff.
02/08/2015: ZFolio gallery in Solvang, CA has agreed to take on a full array of my boxes. They will also showcase a new, exclusive line of mini boxes made just for thier gallery
. If you have never been to Solvang you need to go.It is the re-creation of a Danish town. The people are nice & the food is wonderful. Plus you can even get some wine tasting in too.
02/01/2015: Just sold the extra large Spalted Red Pashaco Jewelry Chest at ZFolio Gallery in Solvang,CA. Thank you Z & staff. Go see those folks: they have beautiful jewelry & the staff is incredible. Check them out.
01/29/2015: Oh no! Not another mini box. Yup. Check it out. Totally different look to this little beauty. Fabulous rose image courtesy of my friend, Marc. This piece will also be featured at Gallery at the Network "Hands on Wood" showcase.
01/24/2015: Just a heads up for you folks. I am flexible about your purchases. Make me a payment proposal & I will tell you if I am willing to accept it. Right now I am working with a customer who proposed 4 payments. I get a cashiers check at regular intervals on a schedule the customer set. I have pulled their item out of inventory to save it for them. Thought you might like to know this.
It may make it easier for you to purchase from me
01/23/2015: Just posted my second piece for this year. Both postings for this year will be featured at Gallery at the Network as part of their "Hands on Wood" showcase for local woodworkers. If you are near San Luis Obispo please come check it out. The show runs from February 1st thru March 31st.
01/15/15: Thank you to Fiona Bleu for the nice December 2014 sales. Sold a necklace chest (made of Kauri wood from New Zealand) & 2 more mini boxes. Actually thought I would sell more of these over the Holidays. Perfect presentation boxes. Perhaps for Valentines Day!
01/04/2015: Hey Look! This guy makes more than mini boxes. Told you I was working on some new stuff. Well, this is the first piece for the new year. Hope you like the multiple curved drawer fronts & pulls. So graceful & yet so cool too. Enjoy the new piece. Hope to hear from you soon. Be safe & be well.
12/22/2014: This will be my last posting for the year. I hope you all have a safe, happy & joyous holiday celebration. Peace on earth, goodwill towards all.
12/21/2014: A nice bracelet box has just been posted. Why so many small boxes? They are perfect gift size plus this is how I use my smallest leftover pieces of wood. The wood is too beautiful to let it go to waste. Why not share it with you & make a little extra cash.

12/20/2014: Mini box made from exotic Zebrawood. Interesting shape to this box. Fun legs.
12/19/2014: This is one of my larger mini boxes. This one is bracelet/watch size. Please don't think that all I make are mini boxes. I have 21 boxes available on Etsy so be sure to look through all of my pages. There are 2 very large chests plus 19 other boxes of assorted sizes for you to choose from. Which one are you going to buy?
12/18/2014: On the 5th day of minis I posted for you a Lychee topped mini jewelry box. Your cell phone is bigger than this piece.
12/17/2014: Mini box # 519 has just been posted. Generous size interior for a box this size.
12/16/2014: This is the 3rd of 9 mini jewelry boxes that I will be posting. This is the smallest of the 9. It also fits in the palm of your hand just like all of the minis I have posted on Etsy. Yup they are all that small.
12/15/2014: Another mini box small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I will keep on posting these minis until I have posted them all.
12/14/2014: Didn't expect to be posting any more items this year,but when I was asked to deliver more mini boxes to Fiona Bleu gallery I stepped up & delivered. So here is the first of 9 more mini boxes. All but 1 are bigger than my previous minis.
12/14/2014: Thank you to Fiona Bleu gallery in Morro Bay,CA. They just sold the Kauri Necklace chest today. They also requested 9 more mini boxes so I spent the last 2 days getting them ready. I will start posting them on Etsy.
12/13/2014: This my last product posting for 2014. What you see on this site are all of my pieces that are still available for purchase. I hope you give serious consideration to making a purchase from me.
I wish all of you joy & happiness this holiday season & a peaceful new year to come.

12/12/2014: Just gave you a preview of the next 9 mini boxes I will be putting on after the first of next year. Thought you might want a sneak peek.
12/11/2014: Time for another mini box.One more to go & that will be the last of my additions to my shop for 2014. I do have 9 more minis that will be ready after the new year. They are an ecclectic bunch with various sizes. Shortly after that will be 9 more minis completely different than any I have shown you so far.
12/10/2014: Sorry, I just had to take the Spalted Alder 3 drawer box out of inventory as it just sold on my new website: Thank you for all of you who admired this piece.
12/09/2014: Another mini jewelry box has been added to my shop. I would like to take this time to say thank you to all of you folks who check out my Etsy shop. Lately there have been a lot of you. I also appreciate the feedback from those of you who have been favoriting specific pieces & favoriting my shop as well. I'm glad I'm on your radar. I hope that some of you will purchase from me in the future. Just thought you would want to know my feelings. Thank you all so much & take good care.
12/07/2014: Many thanks to the Aussie gentleman who made a nice purchase from me last night. His wife is getting a very nice Christmas present.. Mahalo.
12/06/2014: Added another mini jewelry box to the inventory. Thought you might like to know that I have created 60 of these mini boxes this year and already 22 of them have new homes. Wouldn't you like to have one in yours? The price & timing are right so go for it & enjoy my artwork.
12/05/2014: Sorry, I just had to remove 5 items from inventory. Fiona Bleu Contemporary Gallery in Morro Bay, CA sold 8 items for me in November. Big thank you to them. If you ever visit stop by & say hi to Rowan. Great guy & a great art space too.
12/04/2014: Just added my 50th item to my in stock available for sale. Never before have I ever been able to offer these many items for sale at one time. A wide variety of pieces for every jewelry storage need & every price range too. Remember: please place your order by Thursday, December 18th to ensure delivery before Christmas.
12/2/2014: Added another mini box today. More minis in the days to come.
11/28/2014: My contribution to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday is Two Mini Boxes. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for.
11/25/2014: The Red Gum Eucalyptus Burl 3 drawer box will be the last large piece I will post this year on Etsy. More mini boxes to follow in the coming days ahead.
I do have 2 more big pieces on the bench right now, but I do not think they will be done until after the first of the year.
11/23/2014: Reclaimed Peruvian woods were used to create this small piece.
Also, if you plan on buying from me this holiday season please do so by December 18th. This gives me enough time to pick up your piece from the gallery, pack it & ship it to you. Thanks for understanding.
Please support all of us small business owners on Etsy & in your community. If you want us to stay in business we need your support. Thanks for listening.
Have a joyful & wonderful holiday season.
/20/2014: Expensive wood at a reasonable price. Check out this Spalted Manchinga box. This is a bargain price for this beautiful wood.
11/19/2014: Some how this piece didn't get posted last week so I am posting it now. Check out the top on this Red Gum Eucalyptus mini box. Feels like leather when you touch it. Amazing.
11/17/2014: Another mini box has been posted. This one has WHITE, I mean WHITE legs made from American Holly. Something unique. Something different. Something so me.
11/13/2014: Magnificent Mango Box with James Krenov inspired pulls just posted .
Also, a reminder: I know that some of admire, but can't afford to buy my work, but consider this: Some of my items are marked with SALE SALE SALE. This makes them more affordable than normal. Also consider a mini box @ $40. They are made from the exat same exotic woods as my larger pieces. No compromising on quality & they are reasonably priced too.
11/11/2014: Just posted an oval shaped mini box. Hope you like.
Also, God Bless our service men & women. Take time today to find a way to honor them & support them.
11/10/2014: Mahalo to Gallery at the Network in downtown San Luis Obispo for selling 2 more mini boxes for me in October.. Check them out. I have several more mini boxes there for you to see & purchase.
11/09/2014: Told you I had lots of mini boxes. If you like deep, rich color you will like this one made from Brazilian Bloodwood.
11/07/2014: Another week; time to add more pieces. This time a Cocobolo mini box & a Spalted Alder 3 drawer box. You might want to go to: & check out my blog. There you can see the spalted alder mini box that I sold at Open Studios. Spectacular figuring.
11/06/2 014: Sometimes a piece falls through the cracks & doesn't get posted onto etsy. That's what happened in this case. Check out the quillabordon 3 drawer box I just posted today. Beautiful grain patterns on the top & the box.
11/05/2014:Very please to show you an image piece. Haven't done one of these for a while.
11/2/2014:If you are looking for different then this concave mini box is just for you.
11/04/2014:Check out my latest piece: a curved body Sycamore Two Drawer Box with a body shape similar to the ones I'm doing for the mini boxes. Cool leg position because of the curves.
10/31/2014:The top 6 listings on my site are now mini boxes. Seeing them one after the other really shows how different from each other they are. That is my challenge & my satisfaction.
I am pleased that each one of them stands on it's own & collectively as pieces of art.
Another day, another mini box. Lots more to come. Keep checking. New pieces will be added each week.
10/23/2014:As promised. Two new pieces have been added. A mini box & a Kauri Necklace Chest. For more information you can also check out my blog on my website:
I just marked down 4 of my oldest pieces in order to make room for new inventory. Look for the items marked SALE SALE SALE. Excellent values in various price ranges. Somebody is going to get a high value item for a very low price. Check them out & see if any of them are right for you.
The weekend open studio show was a great success. Lots of visitors & excellent sales too. Even had a first time experience. I had a repeat customer buy an in progress box. It was far enough along that they could see how it will look in the end. That was nice.
Also gave away a mini box made from 30,000 year old Kauri wood from New Zealand. If you read my blog you would have seen the photo & learned about this amazing wood.
Would you believe I just sold another mini box. Not just any mini box either. How about a box made from ancient wood. Want to read more? Go to & read my latest blog announcement.
Just sold a mini box at a local gallery. You should check out my mini boxes. I have several showing on this site & I will have more on the way.
OK. You can beat me up for not posting a new item for 3 weeks.
I do have my reasons: family obligations plus I am getting ready for a 2 day show on Oct. 18 & 19.
So how does this help you? Any of my new pieces that don't sell at the show will go to the gallaries & will be posted on line as I have time. There are 6 large pieces plus 24 mini boxes so there will be lots of new stuff going on line soon.
I am working on 3 new pieces plus I have 10 more pieces ready to start. And oh yes. More Mini boxes to. I am making the minis to use up every last scrap of small beautiful wood. They are perfect for gift giving. They can hold rings, earings, necklaces & bracelets amoung othe things.
Just added a second Partridgewood box to the site. Check it out & see how different it looks compared to the other one I listed on 7/11/14.
Also check out my latested blog entry on
If you go to you can check out my new blog. I hope to write every week so check me out & let me know what you think.
Check out my latest listing. This piece has very distinctive & unique drawer fronts and pulls with opposing angles. Part of a group of boxes that I recently finished that were all about using up small leftover pieces of wood from earlier works. Most of these pieces have now been put on etsy. Can you guess which ones they are? I counted 12 & that does not include any mini boxes.
Just finished a large project. Now I can start working on the pieces I will show at San Luis Obispo Open Studios Tour the weekend of October 18th & 19th 2014. I look forward to seeing those of you who will be able to stop by my shop. These will be some of the most challenging pieces I have ever made. I may have also found a new finishing along the way. Only time will tell. I hope so because this is not a new product, but it is non toxic so there is lots to like about it. Very people friendly. I need to make sure that it will dry completely before I will use it full time.
Check out this weeks listing. The Mayan Stepped Pyramid box is very striking. Check it out. And while you are at it check out the live edge Isigo double box & the Patridge wood box
.Once again, I bring you an extermely cool wood that you probably didn't even know existed
. Partridge wood.
Extremely dense & heavy, but it finishes to a very highly polished & smooth surface. I wish you could touch it.
Your eyes would light up & you would be amazed how good it feels on your fingertips. Just saying.In case you didn't notice, I just removed two of the beautiful little ring boxes as they sold recently at the gallery they were in. They have been a very popular item lately & sales have been good. I have way more at the galleries than I could ever post so check them out if you are in the area. Thanks.
Here is one of my latest works. I hope you like the Craftsman inspired design.
A situation has come up & I am left with no choice but to raise my prices on all but the smallest of my pieces.
If the shipping charges I post on etsy are less that what they turn out to be I will refund the difference to you.
I'm not looking to make extra money, only cover my actual costs.
The reasons are two fold. First, shipping costs have gone way up & two, I am now sharing my proceeds equally with my galleries. It is only fair to them, otherwise I have an unfair competetive advantage on line while getting free gallery exposure.
I hope you understand.
Also I want to thank Beverly from Virgina for her purchase. This is what keeps me going & makes me want to keep creating new artwork.
OK. you got me. I missed posting new work for a couple of weeks, I was busy making new stuff & taking some time off. Now I am back & ready to show you two of my latest pieces. They are very different from each other yet still me.
I hope you like different because my latest addition to the site is exactly that. Check out the profile on the "Waterfall" 3 drawer box.
Another new box has just been added. Check out the top & legs on this one. I think you will enjoy it.
Thanks to all of you for checking out my work.
I recently got some good news. My Black Pashaco 2 Drawer Box is being featured on the front page of the program for PasoArtFest which I am participating on May 24th in Paso Robles, CA. That's a pretty nice honor. You might want to check that piece out again. It ithe last piece showing on my etsy page. Thanks for looking!
The newest addition to my online gallery has just been added. Recently,I just sold a large chest with this inverted leg design so I decided to try it on a much smaller scale. I'm very happy with the outcome. Hope you are too.
Just put on one of my newer pieces This was part of a group of six pieces that went into the gallery just before Thanksgiving.So far, at least one of those six has sold.
Another georgeous piece has just been listed. This is one of the largest pieces I have ever made & it was made specifically for the gallery it now sits in. Very unique drawer fronts look like "pleated" shades. I love when I it get an idea & am able to execute it as I see it in my head.
Sorry it took so long to get this new piece posted. Sometimes things don't go as planned so you adjust.
I wanted to show you something different this week than what you have been seeing lately. I have been very successful selling this type of piece in the past so it was time to bring it back. Check out the handmade paper.
Just added a new piece to the inventory. This piece is about as big as I will ever make, but it is a real beauty. Check it out & let me know what you think. Thanks & enjoy.
Sorry, the Purpleheart Necklace box has been sold at Art & Soul Gallery in Santa Barbara. It was such a beautiful piece. I did not expect it to last long.
I hope you are enjoying the new items I have been posting on my etsy site. They are all beautiful in their own unique way yet there are elements similar in them all as well.

Redemption, second chances, another opportunity. A lot goes through your mind when deciding to try again. The decision has paid off. I just had my first etsy sale since December, 2012. That's a long time,but now it is tangible proof that I made the right choice.
A big heartfelt thank you to my new customer. It means more than you will ever know.
Another week & another promise.
Another promise kept. Two more new pieces to show you this week.
As promised, the first new items have been added to my etsy site. Take a look.
A change of Mind; a change of Heart.
With that said, aloha & welcome to my updated & improved etsy website: J Amberg ART with a Purpose which I will operate in conjunction with my own personal ART with a Purpose website:
I invite you to check out my new site.
The changes you will see on my etsy site:
New art pieces added on a regular, consistant basis week after week, month after
Custom orders will no longer be accepted. Sorry for the inconvienience.
Shipping will now be added to the cost of your purchase. I can't compete with Amazon.
These changes will allow me to include smaller & less expensive pieces to the inventory.
Thank you for your past interest, support & patronage
Enjoy the show.

Mahalo, Jim