Mixed Media Art (Inspirational Art, Gratitude Art)

Little works of abstract mountains drying out
Tool of the trade; mixed media is messy!
Work in Progress
Alchemy of paints, paper and glue
Working on a giant mandala

Layers, depth, storytelling...

I'm j.c.spock, and mixed media art is my passion. My art incorporates layers of different mediums – acrylic paints, washes, inks, pencils, pastels and collage. While most artists use gesso, pastes, paints and other tools to create texture, I typically employ other mediums to create depth, including:

• vintage ephemera: I use postcards, receipts, stamps, photos, tickets, ledgers and letters from all over the world to create to create historical texture. I love to create a fusion of contemporary, industrial art with a hint of rustic history running through it.

• recycled papers and magazine ads: I love the challenge of taking what people consider trash and upcycling it into a piece of contemporary/abstract art. As the owner of a small eco-friendly supplies business, it's important to me to be a good steward of the earth and reuse items in my art. Trash doesn't need to be trashy.

• photography: My first creative outlet (before I discovered my love for painting) was photography so often I'll incorporate my images into my art (either as the focal point or as a detail in a larger piece) or as the inspiration for a landscape piece. My biggest creative inspiration is nature.

I love to hear from buyers when they have found something new in their painting that they had not seen previously. The goal is that more and more is discovered in a piece the more it is explored.

I also dip my toes in digital art from time to time, layering vintage postcards, text and images but will never give up my paints, paper and matte medium as tangible art is where my heart resides most.

Please follow me on my new Instagram account (where you can see my process, get a sneak peek at my current projects and view new pieces before they are released for sale here). Thanks for supporting independent artists and small businesses!

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