Mixed Media Art (Inspirational Art, Gratitude Art)

Where I create, surrounded by light; some collages and/or pieces in the works
Some layering on a large piece
A view of the same piece with layers of paint added
Mixed media is messy

Living out my purpose

I'm j.c.spock, and mixed media art is my passion. I'm convinced that sharing inspirational messages through art as well as fusing something old with something new in art is my life's purpose. Meditation and gratitude are a big part of my life so I set aside time each day to practice both as well as express them in and through my art.

My art incorporates layers of different mediums – acrylic paints, washes, inks, pencils, pastels and collage. While most artists use gesso, paste, paints and other tools to create texture, I use vintage postcards, receipts, stamps, photos, tickets, ledgers and letters from all over the world to create that depth. I'm always nosing around antique shops and European boutiques for vintage ephemera (particularly items from the 1800s) and incorporate these pieces of a bygone era into my work; a fusion of contemporary art and history. I love to hear from buyers when they have found something new in their painting that they had not seen previously.

I also dip my toes in digital art from time to time, layering vintage postcards, text and images but will never give up my paints, paper and matte medium as tangible art is where my heart resides most. Photography was my first love so you'll often see my photography incorporated as one of the layers in my art as well.

In addition to living in gratitude, I believe in living simply and as green as possible. As such, I make a concerted effort to make items with recycled materials and/or with eco-friendly packing materials. All items are created, hand-made or hand-assembled in my log cabin studio at 8,300' in the Rocky Mountains. I am a grateful girl and appreciate you visiting with me and my work.

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