Woven Friendship Bracelets

Biloxi, Mississippi
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Delray Beach, Florida
Austin, Texas
Telluride, Colorado

I Found Weaving in College By Accident

I learned to weave and loved it. Decided to try weaving bracelets and I've been doing it since.

Weaving is an outlet for my anxiety and OCD. I need the repetitive and predictable somewhere in my life. I consider myself very right-brained and a creative type but the logic and repetition in weaving is better than therapy for me. I find it a fantastic time to get lost in thought and recharge my mind and soul.

Along with my BFF I help put on one of the best craft shows in Oklahoma City.
It's free to the public and one day only so if you happen to be in OKC on the second Saturday of December you should stop by!

I chase my toddler around the house all day so I'm not getting much else done right now. When hubby is back from Afghanistan I hope to get the Etsy ball rolling again.
owner, maker, designer, Weaver!
I love to weave. It soothes my brain.