FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Unique original painted by hand jewelry.
If your searching for an "everyday piece" of handmade jewelry, or something more elegant for a special occasion, you may be in right place. Each piece of artisan jewelry you will find is an original design and has been handcrafted using natural mother of pearl, sterling silver, gold plated brass, and silver plated metal.
I pay careful attention to guarantee that every piece of my designer jewelry is unique and of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Although I like to have a style of my own, my hope is that everyone might find a piece of my handmade jewelry that catches their eye.
I paint miniatures for jewelry for almost 20 years, and I really like my work.
I like idea of combining painting and jewelry, so we bring with us our favorite paintings!
When the miniature is finished,coats of transparent and very resistant varnish are applied to every piece to protect it.

I had my shop in the old center of Florence,not far away from the Pitti Palas and Ponte Vecchio. I loved working in my shop and make people see the creation my jewelry. I have been chosen to represent the Italian artistic craft in the world by Promofirenze (Special Agency of Chamber of Commerce of Florence) so, I often went to Italian fairs abroad,especially in Japan.
I closed the shop because I moved to Padua to my love, and now I present my artisan jewelry collections online with the possibility of worldwide shipping. Wherever you might be, it is now possibile to receive your own "made in Italy" artisan jewelry in a matter of days.

My jewelry is made with care end enthusiasm, in the hope that you will enjoy its possession as much as I have enjoyed its creation!
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