Fabric Purses, Cross Body Messenger Bags, Handbags

This is the my favorite type of quilting.
I am a quilter at heart.... Applique and hand quilting are my passion

I Love Fabric

Some women like shoes. Some like jewelry. I like fabric. Cotton in particular. I like to cut it up and make new things out of it. There is an old saying among quilters - she who dies with the most fabric wins.

Although I am a medical technologist by profession, I have always loved to sew and decided to try to master quilting back in the 80's when my kids were babies. I checked every book out of my library that pertained to quilting and I tried every technique I could read about. I quilted for myself and entered my local county and state fair every year and won a lot of ribbons. Along the way, I accumulated a lot of fabric.

JH Fabric Creations was started because making bags is the perfect outlet for playing with fabric. This shop is not about repeating the same bags over and over just to sell them. I do repeat popular combinations but I am always looking for new and exciting fabrics so there are always new things in my shop. I do everything associated with this shop from designing the bags, shopping for fabric, making every bag, shipping and communication.

All my bags are my own design and that is the most challenging aspect of my work. I liken designing quilts or bags to giving birth. It hurts and it's not easy! But I am compelled to do it.

Thank you for looking.
Janet Howard
owner, maker, designer, curator
Handmade by Janet Howard
owner, designer, creator