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Holiday shows...
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For many years, I worked as a software consultant in the rat race IT industry. I enjoyed my work but as our children grew out of the toddler years, I realized they needed me more than ever.

It was a huge decision but several years ago I decided to leave the industry I loved and become a stay at home mom. It was May, the summer was just beginning and I had a wonderful time spending a couple of months with the boys while they were off school for the summer.

However, once they returned to school, I became so restless at home, used to commuting and working in the city. I needed a project, a challenge! I had always loved being involved in creative pursuits and so a few days later I signed up for a jewelry making class at a local college. I took lessons for about three years and became completely obsessed with making jewelry.

My sister, who had opened a shop on Etsy in the early days, suggested I open a jewelry shop and start a small business. That was back in 2007 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Jewelry making is my passion. I have a studio in my home and spend many hours in there, creating. I work really hard and try to get most of my hours in while the boys are at school so that's I'm free when they are home. I'm often working on and off on the weekends but what I love is that I'm my own boss and I call the shots. I work when I want to and I thrive on it. It can't get much better than this!

Besides a passion for creating all things colorful and pretty, I am a volunteer IT tutor for seniors, never leave home without my camera, I love creme caramel, Cuban music, Adele, the Sarah Bernhardt peonies in my front garden, Merlin TV series, historical fiction, have a HUGE collection of cookbooks, can't make macaroons to save my life, have a penchant for photographing flowers, addicted to Instagram, am a hockey mom, member of a book club, eased myself out of the IT industry after 20 years, dream of one day owning a beach house, go camping only under duress AND most importantly, I cannot start a day without a piping hot, really strong cup of tea.
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I embarked on jewelry making in 2006 when I signed up for a jewelry making class at a local college. I took lessons for about three years, became hooked immediately and it is now my passion.

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