Handmade Resin, Acrylic and Shrink Plastic Jewelry

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My love of all things shiny!

I have always been somewhat of a jewellery fanatic. Lured in by the sight of something shiny. My love for rings knows no bounds... I wonder if there was a woman who loved rings as much as Imelda Marcos loved shoes?! Well in short it is probably me!

My love of jewellery making started at school, making beaded chokers and bracelets for myself and friends. Looking back my work was quite amateurish but I loved the fact that I had created the jewellery I was wearing and that the pieces were unique. This has since become the motto of my company Jackdaw Jewellery. I want the wearer to have the same feeling, that they have bought an individual, handmade piece that hasn't been mass produced.

My work is primarily made from resin and plastic. Plastic is fantastic! Its hard wearing, inexpensive, light weight and comes in a variety of colours. Resin ahhhh I can not get enough of working with resin. I love the glossy sheen it brings to my work.... Oh there I go again, lured by shiny things!

So why Jackdaw I hear you ask? Well in short Jackdaw's too like shiny things. They are mischievous little birds and full of character. Much like myself and I believe my customers!

All is left to say is welcome to the nest! *Caw Caw*

Jackdaw has been featured in the following publications:
* Make Jewellery Magazine
* Making Jewellery Magazine

You can purchase Jackdaw Jewellery from the following stockists:
* Y Galeri, 8, St. Fagans St , Caerphilly, CF83 1FZ, UK
* Cooper's, 24, High Street , Caerleon , Newport , NP18 1AG, UK
* Tutta Bella, 6 Beaufort Street, Brynmawr, NP23 4AE
*Llantisant Gallery, Model House, Bullring, Llantrisant, CF72 8EB
* The Curious Pancake
Christina Winstanley
owner, maker, designer
So this is me....the face behind Jackdaw Jewellery! My name is Christina. I'm a 31 year old brunette from the Welsh valleys. I make all the jewellery featured in my Etsy shop in my living room under the watchful eye of my hamster Floyd.