JaneBVintage's Shop Announcement

Thank you for peeking into Jane B Vintage! Vintage styles and finishes continue to reign with wax seals being the monarch. Pearls, steampunk, iconic symbols blended with personal symbols, like initial wax seals, rule the day.

The Aegean Sea creatures await your orders. They exist fulfill your steampunk and fantasy desires. Octophant Ollie and Octollion Ozzie will soon be joined by more mystical creatures that roam hidden in the Aegean arena.

In secret depths of the Aegean Sea
Creatures unusual float most free
From human eyes which never should see
These mystical creatures quickly flee

To darker waters still and deep
The creatures rush to hide and sleep
From a world above they must retreat
To hide recumbent is their feat.

The forest above, called Aegean, too
Harbors strange creatures in shadows blue.
Again they shroud from a world unknown
Where undiscovered they wish to roam.

Those strange brutes who walk as trees
Have never laid eyes on such as these
With fur and tentacles, horns and scales
Aegean creatures recite the tales

Of times gone by when all did live
With aspirations to love and give
To each other the noble gift of peace
Where kindness to all did never cease

Continue you on if you should choose
To seek and find the curious crews
Aegean nobles of forrest and sea
Of whom like them we more should be.

Because of the demand thus far, is it impertinent of me to share a bit about Wax Seals?
Wax seals were originally used to seal documents and letters in the medieval and post-medieval European ages. As early as the 7th century, monarchs, bishops and merchants often used a hand stamp seal with a personalized symbol or initial to seal the letter. Hot wax would be dripped onto the folded letter or document. The king would hand stamp his seal, or his ring seal, into the hot wax impressing his unique symbol into the wax. A document sent and received with the wax seal in place assured the letter had not been tampered with and privileged information had not reached unintended eyes and ears.

The wax seals at Jane B Vintage have classically styled initials. These are blended with symbolic charms and crystals. The seals continue to dance across my work table, paired with the best chain and symbolic motifs. Then they dance right my door to more fanciful, grateful partners.

As always, gifts of meaning mean more. Gifts of personalization are more personal. The International Redundancy Department of International Redundancy continues to be needed but I yield simply so that your pleasures are met with smiles of amusement in this fresh new year.

Be Brilliant!
R. Jane