JanesGemCreations' Shop Announcement

On any order of $25 or more, use code: FREEFORALL for FREE SHIPPING. Code must be used at checkout to receive discount. PS in title means Price Slashed. Here you will find a Wide Variety of Fine Vintage and Unique, Hand Crafted Jewelry made with Rare, Precious Gems found the World Over. Each item is gift boxed, & shipped asap, via USPS, First Class, Insured. Come in often, new treasures added daily.

ALL Vintage/Antique Estate items are sold 'As Is', NR, (magnified photos are provided and any flaws are described in listing. They are returnable only if grossly misrepresented, (which is not likely to happen,) as the integrity of this shop is extremely important to us. If an item is returned, with or without prior consent, it is subject to a restocking fee, (at our discretion.) Please direct any questions THRU THE SHOP, (not by e-mail.) PLEASE Read the shop 'Policies,' BEFORE making a major purchase. A well informed shopper is a Happy Customer. (Click on 'Reviews' as proof.)

This shop does NO RESIZING, but most rings CAN be resized by your local jeweler. or repair shop, and on Silver the price is nominal.

About Welo Opal

'Ethiopian Welo/Wello Opal is a relatively new find and rapidly gaining popularity. It has some of the most amazing patterns of any opal, and plays of color that reflect shades of light seen nowhere else in the natural world. Anybody who loves opals I would urge to give this gem a chance. It is easy to become mesmerized by its unique beauty. Because of the hydrophane property of this opal it can become crystal clear when submerged in water and as it dries it will turn completely opaque, and then slowly return to a crystal/ semi-crystal state as it completely dries out which can take anywhere from a few days to several months. Over that time you can watch the opal slowly reveal new patterns and plays of color every day, sometimes gaining colors, and sometimes colors fade away. Because opal is not one of the hardest stones, ( only six on scale of 10,) it is not recommended to be worn everyday, in the form of a ring, and never put your hands in bleach when wearing your ring.'

Natural, semi-precious, and precious gemstones, as well as Swarovski Crystals, are used to create many of the jewelry pieces you will find here. Unfortunately, the photography, does not show all the shimmering colors, irradiants, or sparkle of the stones.

I like to use genuine gemstones and natural, freshwater pearls, in my jewelry pieces, when possible, because natural stones add extra value to the piece, and your treasure can be passed down, as a cherished heirloom, from generation to generation, passing along with it the love and energy of it's past owners.

The clay sculptures, whether jewelry, dolls, or ornaments are unique, (OOAK,) one of a kind, pieces and cannot be exactly duplicated, nor will be, due to extensive time spent creating them.

The art prints are profeshional digital reproductions of the origional artwork. All are printed on heavy stock, acid free paper, and signed by the artist,(all copyrights reserved.) And these quality reproductions, may be discounted,(upon request,) if purchased in quantity.

Many of my creations have been sold in Boutiques, Gift Shops and Art Galeries in New York and throughout the Tampa Bay Area for much higher prices than you will find here. So do check in often, as I am continually adding more pieces, (and you never know what you might find.) Not all items in the shop are hand made by me, many have been purchased, through the years, and now have acquired the status if Vintage, or Antique.

All items purchased will be promptly shipped, via USPS, (usually within 24 hours,) tastefully, presented in a box, for gifting, and insured, (to USA destinations,) to prevent any unexpected loss, or damage en route.

Unfortunately, the cost of insurance on International orders is prohibative. So we will no longer insure parcels outside the USA. Please be aware that once your item enters your country, you're postal service is responsable for any delay, or loss which might occure. Mail takes from 6 to 10 days to reach other countries, according to the USPS. Customs numbers are provided, upon request.

International purchases are at your own risk, as we have no control over orders, once they have left this country. However, please note that we have had no issues, except delays caused by customs, during heavy traffic, (Holidays,) which we have no control over. So, please place your order early.

All purchases to any destination in the USA, are trackable thru the post office, so if you don't receive your item when expected, you can check it on line, or call your local post office.

PLEASE ADDRESS ANY ISSUES, thru contact with me, (thru the shop,) rather than e-mail, so that they can be addressed quickly, rather than leaving negative feedback, (which can be damaging to sales,) as this is currently my sole income.

Also, please allow adaquate delivery time, (before panicking.) In most cases, you can expect to receive your order within 3 to 5 business days in the US,(unless there are bad weather conditions, such as blizzards, hurricanes, volcano erruptions, earth quakes, etc.,) which could delay the mail. So please don't wait until the last minute to order a gift for a special occasion, (such as Xmas, birthdays, etc.) unless you aren't real concerned about arrival time, because on the rare occasion sh_t can happen, and I would hate for you to be dissappointed.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.