My impromptu outdoor studio. I move outside the moment the sun shines warmer. Nature is my calmest studio space
Cat portrait figurines, made from scratch and hand-painted to finish
Perfectly Imperfect [shapeless femininity] dishes
'tis the season...falalalala

Embracing beauty and exploring femininity

One day I woke up asking myself:
"Are you proud of the way you are living your life?"

It was the beginning of spring, 2010, when Jasmin Blanc was born, and together with it, my dreams started to materialize as delicately feminine ceramic jewelry and functional objects.

Jasmin Blanc for me is a form of sincerity. Starting from the good intention, developing the concept, then choosing the materials, and resulting in a thoughtfully made jewelry is beyond words... I find my work to be honest; it is true to me and true to the admirer, as what I do comes from my heart and is intended to make a simple, yet powerful positive impression on the one wearing it by delivering that message of love, care and elegance.

I am inspired by life and the surrounding environment. From emotions, thoughts, feelings and movement to the more tangible world as sights, nature and the different textures found out there.
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
After years of adventures, traveling the world, I have found my way back home to the lands that raised me: Transylvania. I enjoy walks in the wind, eating fruits, riding my bike called Cherry and walking barefoot. Watching clouds relaxes me.

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