JasperVisions' Shop Announcement

I design unique clothing for women who aren't afraid to be and look different. Some of the items in my Etsy store I made from scratch, others are gently-used garments that I've reconstructed or embellished. I also sell a few unaltered vintage items - everything is clearly marked so you know which is what.

I have an embarrassingly large collection of fabric, lace, buttons, and trims, including some from the 1920s or even older. Occasionally I sell some of this to make room so I can actually work in my workroom - so watch my store for these goodies as well!

I've always felt exhilarated by color and light. On a blah overcast day, just glimpsing a bit of pink or teal instantly improves my mood and even changes my breathing!

I mostly use natural fibers but occasionally I'll use a synthetic if it looks and feels good. There tends to be a lot of hand-sewing on my creations.