JeezumCrowVintage's Shop Announcement

Selling vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, upcycled / handmade items and more one of a kind pieces for both ladies and gents.

J. Crow is Cool with Haggling - Feel Free to Make An Offer.

我们船到台湾 和亚洲
Wǒmen chuán dào táiwān Hé yàzhōu

It is Jeezum Crow's aim and honor to provide you with fun, well-made, pre-owned pieces to help you express yourself through fashion. We believe strongly in recycling and our favorite way to do so is to buy, sell and wear vintage. We'll drape you in funky jewelry, off-kilter hats and killer clothing that would be right at home in a vintage vagabond daydream!

The Crow gets 90 percent of its merchandise from charity shops, so (aside from supporting my basic needs) a portion of your purchase always indirectly supports these noble causes, too. The lion's share of our unsold merchandise is also donated back to church clothing drives, The Salvation Army, etc. to pay it all forward.

Also, I personally model a lot of my merchandise (even some of it that's kind of risque, like the bras) because I want people to be comfortable with what a real body looks like.

I'm pasty, I don't work out every day and I have crazy hair that doesn't do what I want it to -- but this is me! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, guys/gals, and I hope that putting my own face and body out there will help you all have the confidence to be proud of yourselves, too. I love you all and you are beautiful just the way you are!

Thanks so much for choosing Jeezum Crow for your vintage experience.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.