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I'm looking to trade my products for soap! If you do CP or HP soap and need bags, calendula petals, rose petals, citric acid, henna, or something else, let me know!


I pride myself on providing quality bags at a fair price. As happens from time to time my supplier runs out of stock (they receive large shipments from their factory throughout the year here in the States). When this happens they get bags from another source and ship these - I am not told of this so only find out when I receive my order. These bags are not quite as nice and they tend to be a bit narrower. And the colors aren't the same. This will be a temporary issue, but I will be out of some of the bags you are used to and have replacements until at least mid-January I think. I will try to get a list up later of all of the sizes and colors effected currently. I do know for sure the following are not my usual stock:

3" x 4" burgundy
3" x 4" light silver (I have a few of the original bags in stock)
3" x 4" gold (the replacement bags are called old gold and isn't as bright as the normal gold)
3" x 4" moss green - this is a darker green
4" x 6" black
4" x 6' red
4" x 6" hot pink
5" x 8" purple (this is a more vibrant purple, not so much an eggplant purple as before
5" x 8" gold

As I said, I'll update this with the other bags very soon so you know what to expect. Bare with me as I have no control over this. :-(

So if you happen to receive a shipment from me and the shade isn't exactly how you remember it, this could be the issue. Most colors are extremely close and it's not an issue. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that from time to time the bags might be a bit off in size or color.

Thanks for your continued support!

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Custom listings welcome - mix and match colors/sizes - any quantities. Just convo me.
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