JeppeGuitars' Shop Announcement

Out of the country for a bit. I have little guitars in all the colours of the rainbow just waiting to be posted online when I return. Check back soon!

I once wanted to make a guitar my little niece could play, so I designed something that was small enough for her to hold, had simplified frets to make playing tunes easier for a beginner, and was electric so she could rock out without needing much finger strength.

I'm sure my bro is eternally grateful I gave his daughter an amplified musical instrument. ;)

My little Jeppe Guitars are real instruments, with all the quality work(wo)manship you'd expect in a custom full-sized instrument, but with little hands in mind. Though I hear they're also irresistibly fun for adults, they're technically aimed at the 3-8yo crowd.

They're 100% designed and made by me, in a crowded little backyard woodshop in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World.

They are almost, ALMOST ready to be released into the wild. Please bear with me, as letting go of them will be hard for me. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about sales - but I hope you'll enjoy some sneak peaks while you're here.

More photos on my fb page - check out the link!