Mondän Knitted Jewelry Designs

God gave you two hands - use them!

I have been artistically inclined from an early age and art was always my favorite subject in school. As a teenager I was creating pencil drawings including fashion designs, then I learned pottery and still have fun with it and even teach pottery classes in our local school district.
Later in life I became a more hands-on artist making decorative objects such as wreaths, my napkin dolls, and more pottery. When I met my husband we became passionate about photography and even built a small portrait business together.
Mondän was born from a school project my daughter was involved in a few years back and also teaching jewelry making at her school. After working with the kids, I really took a liking to the technique and discovered new materials and designs and started to create wonderful pieces of jewelry that I wanted to share with the world. Later I married my knitting with my other love pottery, and started to incorporate ceramic elements into the jewelry designs as well. I believe that you have to love what you make and sell - and I am certainly my "best client" and wear my own creations almost every day. I think when you are passionate about what you do, it's contagious; your work carries your spirit within. Pair that spirit with my German work ethic and workmanship and you will have products that are of an heirloom quality.
Born and raised in Nuernberg, Germany -- relocated to Oregon, USA in 1992 -- mother of 2 bilingual children -- artist, photographer and German teacher

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