Pearl & Gem Jewelry, Birthstone Rings, Artisan Wirework

Sterling silver, heart shaped adjustable ring.
Sterling silver square star pendant with a clear quartz.
Aluminum cuff with black crystals, pearls, hematite, and lava beads.
June Birthstone Ring, Freshwater Pearl with Sterling Silver
Glass rainbow bracelet in sterling silver.

Why do I create?

Why do I make stuff? May as well as why do birds fly, or fish swim? It's in my nature. I knew from a young age that I would make art, in one form or another. I drew, I sculpted, I hammered, and I painted, with varying success. But I was determined to succeed as an artist. With jewellery making, and, especially with wire working, I was able to work my passion for art into something that was a pleasure to create.

I have had people asking me if I sold my jewellery for a while, and finally I decided to take the plunge and go for it! This move has left me gratified and so happy to be on my first steps towards my childhood dream of becoming an artist.

All my creations are designed, handmade, photographed, packaged, and shipped by me. As with all handmade items, no two items are exactly alike; there will be some slight variation in colour or wrapping. This is the wonderful nature of handmade items. I promise that the picture of the item is as true to real as possible.
Jasmin Smith
owner, designer, maker, Shipper
I make stuff. I make wire, pearl, and gemstone jewellery in sterling silver and copper I like buying supplies way to much, a good cup of Earl Grey tea, and working on jewellery till the early hours of the morning.