Jinnikins' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the home of Jinnikins.

I have a knitting fetish, as you can see. Over the years I've been experimenting with an idea of making different kinds of sleeves. Some are connected and can double as scarves, while others have a detachable back piece. I started doing this because I'm often cold, but not cold enough for a sweater.

If you'd like some Sleevies, but not the ones I have listed, contact me with what you would like and we'll work something out. I love to make things for people that they will actually wear. I can make Sleevies in just about any size or color with your choice of yarn, and even the style can be customized to include thumb holes, detachable back piece with buttons, and more. These can also be worn over long-sleeved shirts and serve as a unique and practical accessory.

I wear my own Sleevies around all the time (even to work), and people seem to love them. They tell me these are a great idea and I should sell them. Thus, my presence on Etsy. Enjoy poking around my shop (won't take long), and thanks for coming. ^_^