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This simple little household chore system works ... SIMPLE being the operative word and it has been proven that if the "Job Jar" chore system is put into use, for a minimum of 21 days, certain things ... not all ... will magically become habits and ownership of said chores will be transferred from you to them.

The Original Job Jar Household Chore System has been used as curriculum for college level child development courses and corporate organizational effectiveness training seminars and can be adapted for children of ages toddler and way, way up.

The Job Jar Household Chore System is available as an instant download and is delivered as a 16 page pdf. You'll receive instructions, chore charts, reward centers and job cards for printing instantly. Find a wide mouth jar, that everyone can fit their hand into and you're ready to go.

KEEP IN MIND when starting a household chore movement ... rewarding behavior, while teaching the habit of becoming responsible, is the 2nd most important part of this learning process … the FIRST is to remember that no one cleans like you do so lighten up and see the good in the work.

May all your days be healthy, happy and dust free,
Mara Lee

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