JohnTallacksen's Shop Announcement

Original prints, commissions, and ACEOs direct from the artist John Tallacksen

Welcome to my store!

I’m John Tallacksen, a: printmaker, painter, blogger, and art geek living in Los Angeles. Please take a look around. When you purchase my work, you will have a unique and original piece to decorate your home with, and you will officially be a patron of the arts.

Anyone with a $5 to $100 budget can collect original art from emerging to well established artists if they are willing to learn a little information about certain movements in the arts designed to make artwork affordable. Raising the bar just a bit more; if a collector is aware of original printmaking methods and markets, and able to save up something like $5,000 over any period of time, it would be possible for them to afford an original Picasso print made with his hands. Even professional curators and high-end collectors don't realize this for the most part and only focus on paintings that sell for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. I want more people to be aware of these more democratic methods especially ones that are even more affordable. I have started by creating this shop to sell my smaller original works set at accessible prices.

Try this quick trick:
Open a new tab on your web browser and go to Type "ACEO"* into the search bar. Scroll through one two or three pages. See if any of the original works that come up interest you. If something catches your eye the odds of that piece falling within the average person's price range are so much more higher than that of an auction at Christie's. Other movements like "mail art" and printmaking also present examples of affordable and often valuable originals that you can start your collection off with right now. (*ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions And Originals and is a global movement among artists to sell baseball card size work that anyone can afford without galleries)

Please feel free to send me a message and ask any question you may have about the collecting of art even if it's not mine. Determining the value of artwork from a web store can be difficult so I invite you to view my: resume, portfolio, and bio at and browse my recent history of sales at

Thank you for stopping by!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.