JonEicher's Shop Announcement

MultiCam camouflage starts shipping next Monday! Only a few cases left,so please order today to not be disappointed. New cases for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, and 5S/5 in stock and ready to ship!. Nearly sold out again! Several iPhone 6 Plus cases in brushed and anodized clear / natural silver left. Sold Out of iPhone 6 in clear / natural silver. Powder Coat Orange available for 6 and 5S and 5. Ready to Ship! Sold Out of 6 Plus Orange Powder Coat. Only 3 Pre Order MultiCam iPhone 6 Plus cases left, 6 Pre Order iPhone 6 MultiCam and 4 Pre Order 5S / 5 MultiCam. Reserve one now. Make your iPhone last as long as possible. Get one while you can! iPhone 5S / 5 and iPhone 4S / 4 cases as listed. Thanks, Jon