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Yes, these are all photographs!

I forage through alleys, old construction sites, and industrial areas of the city and take pictures of rusty, weathered, found objects & surfaces. Then I spend hours at home exploring even further, looking deeper into the images to see what hidden colors and patterns might be lurking just beneath the surface. These prints are the result!

Pieces listed here are actual, real-world prints that I've already made, ready to ship to you.

To see work I've done that has yet to be printed, please visit my online gallery:

JoshMartinPhotoArt's Shop Policies


Hi everyone, Josh here. Thanks so much for dropping in and perusing the artwork. I'm really excited to have been able to finally bring these pieces forth into real life after having them on my computer screen and in my camera for so long.


As far as payment goes, Paypal is really the easiest thing, isn't it? Love them. But I'm not at all adverse to receiving a personal check or money order in the mail--not to mention cold hard cash. So if Paypal is something you'd rather avoid, just drop me a line and we'll figure something out.


I tend to use FedEx ground for my shipping, but that's certainly not set in stone or anything. If you'd rather have your piece shipped via UPS or USPS, just lemme know.

Most pieces I can get wrapped up and dropped off at the FedEx office within 1-3 days, and then it takes up to 5 business days after that for your piece to be delivered. If you need your item faster than that, contact me and I'll get it out as quick as I can, and I'll use a faster service. I'll need to tack on some extra shipping charges, if that's the case, but we can cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Refunds and Exchanges

If a piece is damaged in transit, I can certainly refund your original payment, but I will require that you pay to ship back the damaged piece to me in order to receive the refund.

Last Updated December 25, 2011