JourneyMaps' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the original home of the Journey Map™, a piece of modern art becoming popular in Southern wedding tradition. A Journey Map is an illustration displayed at the front of the wedding hall that represents the journey a newlywed couple has made to find each other.

This beautiful piece is special since people now traverse the globe and countries to come together. Each Journey Map is a personalized piece, individually designed, with hearts on a map representing the places most dear to a couple’s journey: where they were born, where they met, and where they marry. The Journey Map can also be further personalized with a special quote or song lyric that is meaningful to the couple.

Some couples choose a second Journey Map as an alternative to a guestbook, to represent the distances that guests took to travel to the wedding destination, guests sign on the enlarged mat of the Guest Journey Map.

Journey Maps can be purchased with a frame so that they are ready to display at the wedding or reception venue and many couple choose to hang the map in their home next to their wedding portrait. A wide range of color options makes it easy to integrate the Journey Map into the decor of the newlyweds’ home, to become a lasting reminder of their special day, one which they can prize for a lifetime.