JuJuEyeball's Shop Announcement

Strange things lurking in our brains live here, just waiting for you: things to wear you, things to happily infest your home, and even things that aren't things at all! ... Or so they tell us.

Don't hesitate to message us about custom orders; just be sure to include the details and pictures of your inspiration. Unless, of course, your inspiration is too cool to be photographed clearly, like Nessie or Bigfoot.

We ship internationally! Weird things vary in size, weight and shape, though, so if we haven't listed your shipping location, please contact us with it for a quick, accurate quote.

If you've taken a wrong turn looking for something slightly more tame, please visit our other shop, Buy Me Love: Sadly, there aren't any monsters there, but everything is pretty and usually sparkly! Monsters love shiny things.

Visit our "About" page for more info and links to our other sites.

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Weird love,
Karyn & Chelsea
of Buy Me Love