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I live on fifty acres of beautiful gardens, fields and woodlands in Walpole, New Hampshire with my husband and daughter Despite the harsh climate of northern New England I have flowers in blossom from March through November. I grow hundreds of varieties but have a special love of tulips, iris, peonies and poppies. I have iris in bloom for many months from the tiny iris reticulata and iris cristata of early spring to the summer blooms of bearded, Louisiana, Japanese and Siberian iris. Voluptuous peonies and perennial poppies are followed by dozens of annual and Icelandic poppies.

These gardens and flowers are the basis for most of my current photography. I photograph flowers in the garden, in the house, from afar and very close through every season. I began photographing in 1971 and my work has changed with me as my life has changed. I was a film photographer printing both black and white and color in my darkroom. But a few years ago I was seduced by the magic of Photoshop and now print exclusively digitally. I still use a few of my old film camera including my Diana from the 1960s, a Holga, and my Polaroid SX-70 Land camera but primarily shoot with digital cameras

I print all of my photographs and calendars. However, I do have another Etsy member make my cell phone cases with my photos.

i love the shiny glitter of crystals and beads. Beadweaving, crocheting, knitting, with thread, yarn and wire are my primary techniques.

Knit and Crochet
A great joy throughout my life, I am never sitting without needles and yarn in hand. Color and texture are used to create accessories, toys and free form vessels.
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  • An Etsy Shop Anaheim, CA, United States My cell phone cases are made with my photographers by an Etsy shop.

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