JulietRHarrisonPhoto's Shop Announcement

I call myself an artist, first and foremost. My medium is traditional B&W photography. My subject is the horse. Photographing the horse is not the objective of my work. My objective is to create Art that in turn can speak about the horse.

I work in B&W because of its simplicity. A simplicity that is extremely complex. When an image is B&W you have none of the distractions of color. Nothing that will automatically draw the eye the way a splash of red or green would. The image is reduced to its most basic elements. Form, shadow, texture, contrast, light and line are all I have in my palette to create with. To be successful with these, to draw the eye of the viewer, is a challenge that I relish.

Almost all of my work is shot in 35mm film that is developed and handprinted in my darkroom. Most of the images that I am offering here are archival, giclee reproductions made from scans of my original Gelatin Silver Prints or 35mm negatives. Other sizes are available for the asking. Feel free to contact me.