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☆ Welcome to Jupiter's Haven ☆
I'm throwing a Spring Sale! Everything in the Spring Sale section is 25% off the regular price. If you've been eyeing one of the items now in that section, grab it while you can! The majority will not be renewed when the listing expires.

Step into Callisto's lantern-lit caravan, under the cloud-wreathed full moon, to behold magical treasures - the handcrafted, unique jewelry of Jupiter's Haven.

Freshly brewed wearables are revealed in the shoppe every weekend.

✮ Io Tribe - Striking, dramatic, etched metal creations using copper, brass, and nickel silver. Totem/Spirit Animals, celebrations of my love for forests of every kind, to inspirational words, to metaphysical/mystic subjects.

✮ Rainbows; symbolizing my support of the Gay community, the Aspergers/Autistic community, and those who delve deeper into the metaphysical with Chakras, and color therapy.

✮ Creations that celebrate many diverse pantheons of the divine, and explore many mythical beings from the dusty books of history.

✮ Leather necklaces featuring my obsession for stones, and mirroring my obsession with Space. Many of them resembling places in our Solar System, or sparking images of alien, otherworldly places in my mind.

✮ Fanciful, whimsical creations - some with my own tribal flavoring - using stones, shells, glass, seed beads, chain, and leather.

Help yourself to a steaming cup of delicious tea - but beware! -
you may discover the perfect piece of mysterious treasure to bring a smile to your lips!

☆✶ ☆✶ ☆✶

Find out more about the kohl-shadowed eyes of the woman behind Jupiter's Haven: *or* @jupiters_haven

Thank you for supporting an Indie Artist!

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