K4BNFundRaiser's Shop Announcement

All prices are in AUS Dollars!!!!
This shop has been set up to raise money for "Knitting for Brisbane's Needy".
We are a SELF FUNDED group of craftspersons who craft at our own pace at home, work; knit and natters or wherever, to make items to be donated to charities who assist the homeless; abused; women/children's refuges; needy families; prem babies; cancer patients, animal shelters etc.. The charities must give the items we donate DIRECTLY to those in need, not sell them! All donations stay in Queensland/Northern NSW and any area in Australia where a tragic event happens, such as the 2009 Victorian bushfires.
While our ethos is to give directly to the Needy, for free, we have to buy our raw materials somehow.
The profit from any item sold in this shop, will go towards supplying our members with the materials they need to make more items for those who are not currently in a position to help themselves. All items for sale here have been made specifically with fund raising in mind.