Orthodox Icons: traditionally drawn, freshly painted.

The deacon and his wife treasure their icon of St. George on the Gypsy Vanner, shown in my store as an example.
The customer loved his icon of St. Christopher, in the Russian dogshead form--with Guinnefort and Gellert.
You can see our goats gracing this icon. I can make an icon featuring a customer's favorite animals if desired.
I fit a client's cats and several of my own animals in this Nativity icon.

My Orthodox Icons tell the story of my store.

The best testimonials for my store are my icons. Most of them were written for happy customers. For info on how to order, email me at kkicons on the gmail browser or go to ---and also see Shop Policies to the left for more info. My icons are created on hard boards with archival materials. A backing to add thickness can be ordered with commissions.

The deacon from our church, back when he was a reader, really liked his icon, and when he married, his wife also treasured the icon.

Another man from our church surprised his wife with a name day icon of St. Juliana of Lazarevo. They also thanked me for their icon. A person reads about the story of his or her saint many times, but nothing quite brings their saint to life for them like a hand-painted icon.

A very ill woman from our church was so happy to have a family icon. She is a very kind and elderly widow in a wheelchair. She has been too sick too come to church for a very long time, and I have heard the icon meant a lot to her. That is the family icon that is pictured in the store. She also loved the egg with her own Saint pictured on one side, Saint Thekla, and Saint Paul the Apostle, the saint's beloved spiritual father, on the other. St. Thekla is mentioned in the bible, but I always enjoyed her Life by St. Dmitry of Rostov that emphasized the close spiritual relationship of father and daughter they shared.

This past year I made an icon of the Nativity for a lady who had lost her beloved rex cats. I fit them it in a way that was very acceptable and traditional, and also managed to sneak in several of my own goats and dogs (and Donkey) here and there. The lady was very pleased with the end result. It is pictured on this site.

A man last year asked for an icon of St Guinnefort. I love Western Saints, and like to learn about new saints, so I accepted. Soon I found out St. Guinnefort was a dog. I suggested an alternative. The customer was thrilled with his icon of St. Christopher, in the Russian dog's head form--with "Sts" Guinnefort and Gellert (from the Irish version of the story) decorating the border.

-------------------------An Orthodox Conversion Story-----------------------------------

I read Dostoevsky's Brother's Karamazov in art school, and wondered if the characters with their unique faith were real. I even prayed that if such a type of Christianity as that practiced by Alyosha and his spiritual father were real, that I might find it and become part of it. Later when my husband was in graduate school in Arkansas, I met a student from Boston who told me about Orthodox Christianity. He told me about the Jesus Prayer, and loaned me some books. I couldn't find a church near me of this type, but when I moved to Dallas for a short time I started attending the OCA cathedral there. It was a delightful but dizzying culture shock, really like entering into another world I never knew about before, although I had been a christian all my life. The whole service was sung. Everyone was standing, and people with children were moving about, entering and leaving, going up to the front to kiss the icons. It was packed to standing room only, and yet with all this going on there was a strange, otherworldly beauty with the icons and incense. I felt strangely at home, and wanted to completely immerse myself in the mysterious atmosphere there.

Orthodox love their worship service, and attempt to bring it home by creating a mini-church in a corner of their home, called an icon corner. It is on the east wall, as our Lord is expected to return one day from the east. Even one icon can change the spiritual space of a room, and of your heart. I would encourage you after you buy your icon to arrange to attend an Orthodox Church for Divine Liturgy one Sunday, and afterwards have your new icon blessed by the priest.
Ksenia Gutzke
owner, I draw and paint the icons myself by hand, then sell them.
My children give feedback about what icons children will like and how they will respond to them. They also let me know what is wrong with the icon so I can improve. Can you find Donkey on our site? A hint is on one of the cover photos for this page
Red Jack, our unregistered Icelandic
One of the inspirations for my work.
Vicky, my daughter
Inspiration for my work.
Flying G Farm Nigerian Dwarf dairy herd
Inspiration for my work
Severus, Cane Corso
Inspiration for my work