Thread, Elastic, Supplies, and Handmade / Custom Sewing

A digitally printed custom flag order. I did the vector graphics. My sewing!
Working photo of my new Butterfly Stitchery Kit. I created & printed a 16 pg. book, and make the patches.
My Flower kit- a finished cross-stitch flower patch. Related to the butterfly kit, with 16 pg. book and supplies.
Meet Bobina- from a knitted clown doll pattern. She morphed from letyourselfsew ( She's Mine)
I have access to hundreds of thread colors. Sorry- they won't sell me a chart- but you can send swatches!

DressmakerTurned Etsy Shop Seller

I started my shop when I was recovering from a serious leg injury. I was housebound. In my neighborhood, I stumbled on an estate sale of a former designer and bought a lot of patterns and laces.
This purchase launched my shop almost 6 years ago.
Now that most of those patterns are sold, I am offering designer quality sewing supplies.
I spend a lot of time knitting. Perhaps I'll get to the point where I'll be writing my own patterns?
I spent my career as a Bridal Dressmaker, until I began working with my brother in the Advertising Balloon Business. That's where the rip-stop nylon products come into play.
Eventually, my elderly father needed a live-in caregiver.
I "play" at all my craft projects while taking care of Dad. Occasionally I list something I've made- but mostly this has become a supply shop.
I'm still available for custom sewing on a limited - "One Order at a time " basis.
Thanks for stopping by!
Karen Leanne King
owner, Curator and Artist
I've been sewing and making crafts since I was 6 years old! I Love Barbie... She was my first client!
I can now say I have mastered the sewing trade, but there is still much to learn! I help my pattern buyers learn
at no charge!

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