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*I ship from Europe! The shipping time to US, Canada and Australia usually takes ~ 2 weeks. Please be aware that it can also take more time (up to 4-5 weeks).

*The shipping time within Europe takes usually ~1 week. Please also keep in mind that for some reason it can take more time to be delivered to some European countries, such as Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain and Switzerland.

Once the items are sent out, the shipping time DOESN'T depend on us, so your understanding is highly appreciated. Mainly we ship orders via regular airmail (non tracking) using Estonian Postal Services.

KangarooCare is a shop for all the mommies, their babies or just for those who loves all natural and synthetic-free things.
With the thousands nursing necklaces & toys sold all over the world, the safety and quality are my number one priorities.
I am using the wooden beads, which were made here in Estonia specially for KangarooCare, and you won't find things made out of these beads anywhere else!

KangarooCare's breastfeeding & babywearing jewelry makes mommy beautiful and baby happy!

Enjoy browsing my shop and feel free to ask me any questions :)

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