Modern Bohemian Personalized Jewelry

How it all began

I studied to be a professional mechanical engineer. During my university years I was already making jewelry, just for fun and for my friends. My dear mom proudly wore and displayed my early creations.

After my son was born, I stayed home for 8 years, and became quite involved with his school activities. He attended Waldorf school that specialized in arts and nature studies. At that time I took many jewelry and art classes, but only as a hobby. I channeled my creativity through children’s craft projects and I really enjoyed these fun years with my little boy.

I eventually went back to work, but moved away from engineering and joined an interior design firm. I worked on designs for the biggest retail sports stores in Canada, and also on shopping centers and restaurants. I enjoyed traveling and meeting new people when inspecting and coordinating the sites. It was exhilarating experience to see my ideas come to reality.

After my son finished junior high, we decided to move from the big city to a small community in British Columbia. I left everything including my carrier behind, and decided this was the perfect time to start making jewelry for real.

During the winter, I do a lot of beading and wire-work in town. In the summer, I move to our lake cottage where I have my "real" shop; there I do wood carving and silversmith work. My studio is an organized chaos. I do a master clean of my work desk once a month. Some of my projects evolve into something completely different than they were intended to be.

I love beading on our dock where I am inspired by the beauty of the lake. I get the best ideas when I walk my dog along the shores.

I love water and all water sports: boating, water skiing, swimming, and kayaking. If it involves water, I am there. I also love to travel and I am an avid photographer. I take my camera anywhere I go.
I love Leonard Cohen, coffee, Tom Robbins, green tea, Remedios Varo, sandals, swimming, English, lavender, in no particular order.

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