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Crocheting Cast Iron Handle Covers

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Hi! I'm Kari. A wife, momma, and follower of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to have the privilege of taking care of my family day by day.

I enjoy sharing things with others that will be used and loved well. All of what I list in my shop are items that I have made, for myself or others, and have seen that they work well for their intended purpose. I have been seeking to perfect each craft I enjoy. Every item I make is hand crafted by me with joy.

Etsy is the best place for my items, because ultimately my focus is on my family and taking care of them. My projects are born during the quiet times. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me and Kari Creates. You can check out my shop to see what I have to offer right now. If you're also a crocheter and would like to know how to make your very own pot scrubbers or cast iron skillet handle covers you can check out my Shop Blog where there are tutorials to make both. Have a wonderful day!

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I'm Kari and I Create!

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