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Hello and welcome to kasploy shop on etsy.
My name is ploy. I living in chiang mai the northern of Thailand. I love painting and creating things. I need to applied my work with varied materials, and have become especially interested on fabric, leather and accessories arts. My shop is handmade 100% and products are designed and many facture by speciality because it’s unique art. Moreover, I made art and product by love and happily And, Hope you enjoy and happy them too.
My work is surrealism and fantasy with Reverie of Happiness.
I usually start working from my imagination. The associations triggered by the object usually from a narrative that seems to find an appropriate style almost by itself.
My work is a form of self expression. Drawing people and animals (the main figures in the paintings) tell individual stories with various modes of correspondence with on another.
I like records the stories of everyday experience, both past and present by imagine. I usually save everything I that impresses me – most of all the things I love. My perception strongly selects those aspects favorable to a model of a sphere of happiness love is a driving forcein creating images in my work.
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