KathleenMeetsMorgan's Shop Announcement

Welcome to our store! You may also find us individually at:

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Original designs, one-of-a-kind clothing by KathleenTemple, Tailor and jewelry by Morgan Kraybill Gross to dress and express YOU

Welcome to our collection of original designs. We are eager for you to see what we have been creating for YOU. Browse our unique collection and contact us with your questions and comments. We'd LOVE to hear from you.

Please do "fan" us on facebook too! As soon as we have 300 facebook friends/fans, we will have another drawing for a prize: A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE! Just imagine, if you are our facebook winner, you buy a dress and we send YOU $50!!

We also invite you to ask us about making anything you see here in KathleenMeetsMorgan on a custom basis. For instance, if you like Kathleen's Navy Blue Wool Gauchos and Vest ( ), but want that outfit in black, size small, just ask! I can create the outfit for you according to YOUR measurements and specifications.

We are so proud of the feedback from our customers. Please look!

One more thing. We have many very wonderful treasuries, collections of items found all over the etsy world and curated into lovely displays by Morgan. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! --Kathleen and Morgan

"Shed the uniform." A statement of purpose. We wrote the following for the 30th anniversary edition of _Living More With Less_, Herald Press, 2010.
"Not only do we get to create beautiful clothes and adornment as we sell our handmade earrings and dresses through our online shop, we enjoy the process of imagination and collaboration. For me (Morgan), KathleenMeetsMorgan is more than a fun business partnership with a long-time friend and mentor; it creates balance and health in my life as a social worker in Pittsburgh. For me (Kathleen), focusing passion on dress design culminates decades of social and political engagement as a former college teacher and pastor. We both find beauty in the mundane around us, using items from our daily life. A pair of train-flattened coins might become a pair of dangly earrings. Or a long-mothballed piece of polished cotton looks like a potential party dress. We make more with less, yes, spending little on our supplies, always with an eye to what is good and just. Yet we also find that our more with less becomes more and more. We love to help our friends, family, and customers shed the “uniform” of mass-produced, all-alike attire, garments produced by an industry that too often exploits its workers. Attire is, to us, a chance to affirm life, peace, and beauty!

Kathleen Temple and Morgan Kraybill
Harrisonburg, Va., and Pittsburgh, Pa."