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Definition of Cache: A store of hidden things, a secret stash of goods; pronounced like "cash."

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Do you love great vintage jewelry by Rosenstein, Carnegie, Schreiner, Eisenberg, Haskell, Caviness, Schiaparelli, Weiss and other fabulous designers? Kat's Cache is the shop for you! As well as vintage designer jewelry, Kat's Cache offers a large selection of quality unmarked vintage jewelry. Kat's Cache also features a limited, hand-picked selection of retro clothing, handbags, accessories, vintage housewares, collectibles, and antiques. And last, but not least, you will always find a little nostalgia and whimsy here! Check back often for new additions which arrive daily. Wearing vintage jewelry and clothing is the ultimate way to recycle wisely while treasuring and preserving the finer textiles & quality construction of days past.

MY FAVORITE DESIGNER - NETTIE ROSENSTEIN: Born Nettie Rosenscrans in Salzburg, Austria in 1890, she and her family migrated to America in the 1890's and settled in Harlem, New York. In 1913, Nettie married Saul Rosenstein, who ran a women's underwear business. Nettie began a dressmaking business working from her home. In 1919, she was approached by the I. Magnin department store and she began wholesaling. By 1921--only 8 years later--she owned an establishment with 50 workers in Manhattan, New York.

In the 1920's, the American fashion business imported fashions by named French couturiers who were considered the best to be had. At this time Nettie Rosenstein's designs were sold by stores under the store's own labels, though purchasers were told that the dresses were in fact by Nettie Rosenstein. Through word of mouth, Nettie Rosenstein earned name recognition and her own name label became a valuable commodity. Her clothes were retailed around America, but only one store in each city was permitted to carry fashions bearing the Rosenstein label. In 1927 Nettie Rosenstein tried an early retirement, but resumed designing in 1931, when she reopened on West 47th Street in collaboration with her sister-in-law, Eva Rosenstein and Charles Gumprecht.

In 1937, Nettie Rosenstein was described by Life Magazine as one of the most highly regarded American designers. She was one of the first recipients of the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award on its launch in 1938. In 1940, Nettie Rosenstein clothing was sold out of 92 shops and department stores across the USA, at prices ranging from $98 to $500. Whilst these prices were beyond the range of most consumers, Nettie Rosenstein's designs were so widely copied that she still influenced the average American woman's wardrobe. Nettie Rosenstein jewelry was made in the years 1937 through 1975. Her work was extremely expensive, largely due to her exacting detail and opulent materials. Her standards were very high and her pieces are very well made. She was a high end fashion designer and many of her jewelry pieces were designed to specifically compliment her couture clothing. Most of her jewelry is gold plate over sterling silver and contains top quality rhinestones. Nettie Rosenstein purses and handbags are also made with high standards and quality construction. Her handbags were all limited editions and you can see Nettie Rosenstein's attention to even the smallest details in her purse designs also. The famous handbag designer, Judith Leiber, worked for and designed handbags for Nettie Rosenstein prior to starting her own line. All Nettie Rosenstein pieces--whether clothing, jewelry or accessories--are extremely collectible.

Nettie designed the gown and bag that Mamie Eisenhower wore to her husband’s inauguration in 1953 (although there is some question as to whether her sister-in-law and business partner, Eva Rosencrans, was the actual designer of this dress). Jackie Kennedy wore Nettie Rosenstein, and recently Jessica Alba was seen on The Tonight Show in a vintage Nettie Rosenstein dress. Nettie Rosenstein is my favorite mid-century designer. Her designs are truly unique and have a timeless grace and elegance that is obvious no matter what decade you live in.

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