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All herbs, powders, seeds, and curios are by VOLUME not weight. I fill a 4 ounce Kerr jar full and packed down for a single order, 8 ounce Kerr jar for a double, 16 ounce Kerr jar for a triple, and either a gallon ziplock bag or a gallon Kerr jar (buys choice at this size) for my largest special order amounts.


***NOTE: if you need to email me about your order do so THROUGH Etsy's email ONLY!!**

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If you do not see an herb, candle, or oil you would like to get or you would like to get an herb or oil in a larger amount then what is listed email me for the price of larger quantities.

I ship once per week. As soon as your order ships I update the status of the order on Etsy and send you tracking information. All orders get a shipping number so you can check on your package while in transit. All orders except KITS are shipped in Flat Rate Priority boxes to streamline shipping and to give an accurate shipping cost to all.

If you are in the USA you should receive your packages within 3-5 business days ONCE IT SHIPS. If you are in Canada you should receive your packages within 5-10 business days ONCE IT SHIPS. If you are in the United Kingdom you should also receive your package within 5-10 business days ONCE IT SHIPS. If you are anywhere else I would estimate 5-15 business days ONCE IT SHIPS to receive your package.


If you want to know if your package has shipped please go to your "Account" in the upper right hand corner and click on "Purchases." This will show all of your payments and shipping dates. Note if you pay by anything other than paypal it will shop 'shipped' sooner then it does ship. I do not ship until money is received so I mark 'shipped' for non-paypal orders within a few days of the order being placed for my protection. Everyone receives a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped via email.


***COMING SOON: more handmade candles, soaps, bath salts, SCA belt favors, SCA banners, SCA heater sheilds painted with whatever device you desire, and so much more!!***


All herbs, salts, curios, teas, and cone incense come in reusable glass 'Kerr' jars. Most come in the 4 oz 'jelly jar' which are cute and kind of squaty (and stack two tall easily) certain items will come in 8 oz or pint 'Kerr' jars which are also wonderful and reusable. If you custom order whole lbs they tend to come in quart or gallon glass jars. I do this so you have a great way to store your herbs, etc without the room you have them in starting to 'smell' as it would if they were in plastic bags. With the 4 oz jelly jars that most come in you get at least one ounce in each. Items like mustard seed or ground anything you get two to four ounces easily.


I generally cannot give you specific directions on how to use the oils, vinegars, herbs, and assorted curios you buy from me. I do have a facebook page that may help you with determining the various things you can do with these items:

I do not provide love potions, compelling spells / potions, or other items that can be used to control, compel, or harm anyone.


Thanks to Sirens Designs for designing my banner, logos, etc for me!

Only the highest quality herbs, teas, oils, curios, and ritual items offered. All herbs and teas are 100% certified organic or wild-crafted. All herbs comes in attractive reusable jars. All oils come in tinted bottles to preserve them. Teas either come loose leaf or in bagged and noted as such.

~~If you WORK or GO TO SCHOOL in ROCKDALE, TEXAS and you would like your item delivered to you at these locations only please EMAIL me on here BEFORE ordering and I will set up a listing for you without shipping. I can ONLY do this for Rockdale, Texas.~~

I hand make as many items as possible and am working on making more items my self. All orders are made to order. All hand made items such as knitted items and duck tape pens are generally NOT made until an order is placed. Please keep that in mind when placing your order that depending on the hand made item I will need AT LEAST a week to make it and 3-5 business days for it to reach you once it ships.

The pictures of the blankets and scarfs indicate items originally made as a gift for my son, best friend, or for my self so there will be slight variations.

Oils, herbs, and other natural products are all made with the highest quality organic or pesticide-free wild-harvested materials.

I make Slytherin and Ravenclaw colored scarves and afghans as well as TAMU and Baylor U colored scarves and afghans. Afghans come in lap, twin, full, queen, and king bed sizes. I also make 'fun' colored scarves and afghans. They are all crochet or knitted.

If I do not have an image for an item you are interested in please contact me I probably have one in progress but not listed yet. If you have a color format you would like a scarf or afghan in please email me and I will quote you a price.

*If you would like other House or Team colored scarves or afghans please email me and I will let you know if I can find their color (most I can) and set up a custom listing for you.


please fill free to follow my blog websites:


Some things to remember when ordering on Etsy:
Many Etsy store owners have children, go to school, and / or work and have to put those commitments first. We are just like you and like to take vacations, federal holidays off on occasion, and have prior commitments that keep us from checking in as fast as you might like. Please just be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we can. I try and and check my email every day and have my Etsy store 'open' monday-wednesday 4pm-10pm to enable me to work on listings and answer emails. Though if I am working on the garden, making candles, making incense, or other hand made items that I cannot make in front of the computer I may be delayed an hour or more to get back to you.


PLEASE read through the shop policies of sellers here on Etsy for valuable information about each shop and seller.


** FYI: If you see an image in my pages you believe to be your copyrighted image please write me a polite note letting me know. I try and use stock (royalty free) photos when I don't have a photo of the product or not a good one. If it is your picture and you don't want it used please just email me and I will replace it.**