Christmas Tree Skirts & More

"Bottoms Up" ... a great custom piece created for a customer's bar.
"Ride em Cowboy" ... it took a while to find the right fabric, but worth the time.
Thank you Grace for requesting a tree skirt with shoes ... one of my best sellers.
Dia de los Muertos ... More Day of the Dead tree skirts are now available.
I'll admit it ... I LOVE the Flamingos.

Specializing in Unique Christmas Tree Skirts

Hello and Welcome,

I have been a sewing/craft enthusiast since I was a little girl and had the benefit of being surrounded by women who encouraged me and passed along their skills. Those ladies know their "stuff" and taught me right :) I've been going strong for 40 years and grateful for all the knowledge I've gained and the joy sewing and crafting for others has brought me.

After moving to Scottsdale and experiencing average 110 temps during the summer (you don't get out much during the summer here) I decided to put my sewing skills to work and make Christmas Tree Skirts ... what better way to beat the heat than to think about Christmas.

I truly enjoy creating Tree Skirts from unexpected fabrics. It's so fun to create a themed skirt and I'm always happy to hear from customers looking for a uniquely themed fabric. I take pride in providing a unique product that is made with care and attention to detail ... just like my women taught me.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and a Special Thanks to all my customers who have made this endeavor worthwhile.

What a lovely surprise in Dec. 2013 to learn I was featured on
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