KeiraRathboneArt's Shop Announcement

The only place on the internet to buy directly from this generations' most celebrated typewriter artist, Keira Rathbone from her studio in West London.

Keira has used old manual typewriters as her tool for drawing and painting since around 2003. She selects the right typewriter for the job, from her 'arsenal' of over 30 machines, then imagines a composition onto her page before setting about typing her impression of the subject.
Often favouring letters, numbers and symbols for mark-making purposes rather than word construction, she overlaps the characters with varying intensity to achieve ethereal interpretations.

deconstructed words and language, an effective way of communicating non-verbally , which is a funny as the and sees them as , enjoying the link between
Using the once primary tools of a journalist Keira creates what she calls 'visual reports', especially when typing live at events or out and about. She enjoysthis link between her art and journalism as essentially we are capturing similar things, but

Available to buy:
Limited edition prints (signed and numbered by the artist) and, personalised typewriter heart originals (perfect for Birthdays or Valentines day!) or Typed eye original commissions, specially commissionable jewellery one-off pieces.