San Diego, California Landscape Paintings & Fine Art

Drawing in San Clemente.
Even as a cubicle monkey, I had the heart of an artist.
Painting overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
My booth.
Working on a studio painting. You can see the plein air sketch on the shelf.

Paintings of the California Good Life

I paint the poetry of everyday things.

After years as a cubicle monkey, in 2009 I struck out on my own as a landscape painter.

I focus on the extraordinary natural beauty and manmade environment of San Diego, California.

I think a work of art should be a feast for the eyes, and that intellectual or theoretical qualities are secondary.

I think a painting should look good when you put it on the wall.

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I was born in Hawaii into a military family and grew up all over the US and in Japan. I earned a double major in African American history and Spanish language literature at the University of Virginia. After studying painting in Italy and Spain, I worked in web development for a number of years before returning to school to earn a MFA in my passion: oil painting.
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Kevin Inman

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