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Sorry, but I've been having major health problems so I don't know when I'll get more jewelry in the shop.

CAPITAL LETTERS are not a link or me yelling, they are just so you can skim the page quickly and easily see what sections to read and what to skip.


This is a link to an awesome STORY OF HEALING, and there are other healing testimonies on that same page (you'll have to copy and paste):

And this is a wonderful series on DIVINE HEALING (you'll have to copy and paste)

COMBINED SHIPPING CHARGES: Items for sale on Etsy have 2 columns for shipping charges-one says Cost, and next to it is With Another Item. Here's how it works. Let's say you buy 3 items in the same shop, and these are the shipping charges on each listing:
Cost With another item
Item 1 $2 $0.20
Item 2 $3 $0.15
Item 3 $1 $0.25
Your total shipping charges will be $3.45. The computer takes the highest shipping "Cost", then from the remaining items, just adds the "with another item" amount from each one. Make sense? You can actually try this without checking out. You can put several items from a shop in your cart without checking out, and see how it adds up the shipping costs. (Just be sure to remove the items from your cart if you aren't going to buy them.) So when I'm buying from a shop on Etsy-it's my favorite place to shop-I usually look around the shop to see if there's anything else I want there if the "with another item" charges aren't much, because there will be very little extra shipping from the extra items.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS: If you'd like to pick up your order in Tazewell, hit the contact link BEFORE YOU ORDER and I'll tell you what to do to avoid shipping charges. Or call me, we're the only Wearmouths in the phone book in Tazewell, VA.

TIP FOR NAVIGATING ETSY SHOPS: Shops have categories, but you can actually make your own categories using the "search in this shop" box. Just type in things like "antiqued copper", "blue", "aluminum", "pink earrings", etc. The more words you use the more you will narrow it down, and it doesn't matter what order you put the words in. This is especially helpful in large shops where they have several hundred items and you only want to look at a certain type. Don't forget the button where you can have it sort by least expensive to most expensive or vice versa. And on Etsy's main page don't forget to put in your price range to narrow it down there, too.

Roberta and Leah Wearmouth

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.