KickingBear's Shop Announcement

Welcome to KickingBear! Smudge fans Gourd Rattles Smudging supplies jewelry.

This was my husband's shop--KickingBear. I am keeping the name in his honor.
I am a self-taught beader. I do not follow a set pattern; as I do not even know how to read peyote patterns. When I pick up an object to bead, a story or purpose comes to my mind and spirit. Then the bead colors follow. As I begin to bead, a design starts to develop.

I know there are beaders out there that create amazing designs. Maybe someday, I will be able to do the same. But, for now, I really enjoy feeling the inspiration from the energy that the object and beads give to me. I hope that the items find their way to the people for which they were created.

The paintings are ones he painted. They are original oil paintings and are priced well below gallery pricing. The rest of the items are made by me.

Beautiful original oil paintings below gallery prices. Handmade items.

KickingBear's Shop Policies


In accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990: This Etsy store does not imply or suggest that items for sale in this store are hand made by a person or persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe. I am Cherokee by blood but I am not a member of a federally recognized tribe.


I ship one day a week, Wednesday. I ship the most inexpensive but safest way for your product to arrive fast and undamaged.
Gourd products require extra care in packaging.

Last Updated January 31, 2016