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As of Jan 01, 2015 we are now under the new EU VAT tax. How do the new EU VAT rules affect Etsy buyers and sellers alike?

Q & A

Great news! Etsy will be collecting and remitting VAT on behalf of all Etsy sellers that provide digital goods to buyers in the EU via automatic download. With these new rules in effect, it does not matter if the seller resides in the EU.

That means you won’t have to process VAT returns on automatically downloaded digital items sold on Etsy to buyers in the EU, no matter where your shop is based.

To be clear, EU buyers – not Etsy or Etsy sellers – will be paying VAT as part of their total purchase price.

How will the VAT rate applicable to individual sales be determined?

VAT will be determined based on the VAT rates of the country where the customer is located. Current VAT rates can be found here.

How will Etsy collect and remit VAT?

We're going to update the way VAT is collected during Checkout. Once ready, we will announce this new process--stay tuned!

Can I list my digital items?

If you’re wondering if you should list your digital items, please know that Etsy will take responsibility for collecting VAT and remitting it to the appropriate tax authority.

Next Steps

Etsy will be releasing further details about these changes and upcoming tools in February 2015.

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If you have any questions on how to download the PDF patterns, please contact us.

♥ We are in the process of converting all our PDF files. Changing our name on all our 372 files from Kinsie Wool Shop to Kinzie Wool Shop. Thank you so much for your patience during this time. It is much appreciated.

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Añjali Mudrā,

Jenny Anne Constance

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