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Now shipping from Okinawa Japan, shipping costs remain the same however shipping lengths will be longer.....Welcome to my passion. Flavor is sexy. Flavor is familial. Flavor is life.
It is used worldwide to provide comfort, to unite families and friends, for celebrations and tragedies, to come together in times of every possible emotion and occurrence. Some like it spicy, some like it hot, some want flavor without fire and some want to burn & sweat! Some want to learn how to use spice and some are experts but no one knows it all. It is a journey of discovery and creativity. It is endless and inspiring.

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I am a Marine wife with a husband often gone and enduring bad "military" food so it led to experimenting with all sorts of spices to create exotic, different & exciting meals for us. Which led into becoming an obsession with finding new and wonderful spice blends and making it a business.

I love creating different tastes from common spices & making new blends, everyday spices and salts mixed together to form an exciting and new flavor combination!

These are a sample of extremely aromatic spices that "a little goes a long way" due to the fact that they are so fresh & fragrant , not dried out like many store brands sitting on a shelf.
I mix in small batches and keep them cool & out of all sunlight until ready to bottle and ship and do many custom or "mixed to order" orders to ensure freshness.

They are a mix of all natural and organic salts, spices and blends FREE OF ALL FILLERS, MSG, CAKING OR CAKING AGENTS ALL 100% SPICE for hip kitchens everywhere! No matter where your kitchen is make it a hip one with spices, salts, grinders and more.

I use as many local community & U.S. farmers as possible for all blends. Though it is not possible for some of the more exotic spices.

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