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In my shop you will find a wide variety of Botanical & Vitamin Fortified Bath & Body Products, & Spa Treatments. All the products are healthy for your Skin & Hair, and are created with a Natural Botanical Preservative Package, which makes all the Products Paraben Free - plus the are Silicone Free - Dye Free.

All products are available in any fragrance from my current Men & Women's Fragrance Lines, all of which are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils &/or Phthalate Free and Nitro Musk Free Fragrance Oils. All creating aromas that are great for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Along with all the bath and body products, I now also carry products for the Home, such as the Odor Neutralizing Linen Waters / Fabric & Room Fresheners and Herbal & Floral Sachets for Closets & Drawers, and a few of the most commonly requested and used in the home Essential Oils.

If you need any assistance, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Most days I am available on-site from 9-5. Otherwise I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Some of the good things you will find in my shop;

~ ♥~ An array of Botanical & Vitamin Fortified Bath & Body Products, & Spa Treatments. All My Products Are Healthy for Your Skin & Hair, and Created With A Natural Botanical Preservative Packages and are available in your choice of an array of Fragrances from my Men & Women Fragrance Line.

~ ♥~ Facial Products, Customized with My Synergy Essential Oil Blends Available In Every Skin Type !

~ ♥~ Custom Gift Baskets ~ Available in Several Sizes ~ All Year Around!

~ ♥~ MY GOAL is to make you look, feel, and smell absolutely Marvelous, with all of my products for Men & Woman. All Products are Paraben Free - Silicone Free - Dye Free and are Healthy for Your Skin & Hair. All the products are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils &/or Phthalate Free and Nitro Musk Free Fragrance Oils, creating aromas that are great for the Mind, Body, and the Spirit.

~ ♥~ MY MISSION will always remain the same to supply the finest, purest, and natural products at honest, competitive prices. I will continue to work and research new blends and products to bring to you. After all we need to take care of our skin, as it is the largest organ of our body.

~ ♥ ~ CUSTOM ORDERS do not upset me!! You may Mix and Match, what ever you desire. I am always here to help you in any way I can, answer questions and help you put together the perfect gift basket or a personalized order. I also offer discounts on multiple item orders , just contact me with your list of items that you are intending on purchasing, I in return will make a Custom Listing for you with your discount including and a more accurate shipping rate applied, then send the direct link to you for a quick and easy one click check out.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`*~ ♥~ GIFT BASKETS
I also make up gift baskets, which you customize in the fragrance of your choice. They are available all year around. They make for great gifts for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines, Mothers Day, and Christmas etc. Each decorated for what ever the occasion may be. These are also a Great way to try several products at one time, at a discounted price, plus the seaweed baskets make a nice Spa Display for towels in your bathroom or use them for storage for various items like brushes and combs, hair accessories, what ever you wish. I also have listed several combo offers and set specials for both men & women that are always going on as well.

These all may be viewed here in this section;

I have fragrances in the following Fragrance Family Groups, and you may read additional info about each and of their Sub-Groups at the following informational link;

~ ♥~ Aromatic Group; Aromatic Aquatic, Aromatic Fougere, Aromatic Fruity, Aromatic Green, Aromatic Spicy

The main Aromatic notes are usually combined of sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender and other plants which possess a very intensive grass-spicy scent. They are often combined with citrus and spicy notes. Aromatic compositions are typical of fragrances for men.

~ ♥~Chypre Groups, Chypre Floral, Chypre Fruity

This olfactive group was named after perfume Coty Chypre created in 1917. Chypre means Cyprus in French. This sharp scent is based on harmony of oak moss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot.

~ ♥~Citrus Groups; Citrus Aromatic,Citrus Gourmand

Citrus fragrances are old and abundant. Its compositions are based on lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit or mandarin, with other citrus, aromatic and tart notes for men and floral notes for women.

~ ♥~Floral Groups; Floral Aldehyde, Floral Aquatic, Floral Fruity,Floral Fruity Gourmand, Floral Green, Floral Woody Musk

This largest fragrant group encompasses numerous versions of compositions with a floral heart: freshly picked flowers, flowers with aquatic, green or powdery nuances, as well as floral-aldehyde, floral-fruity and gourmand (dessert/ candy like) compositions.

~ ♥~Leather Group;

Leather scents in various nuances, from floral, velvety compositions to tart, smoky ones are placed in this group. Scenting leather products in order to mask unpleasant scent of leather itself, marked the beginning of perfumery.

~ ♥~Oriental Groups; Oriental Floral,Oriental Fougere,Oriental Spicy,Oriental Vanilla, Oriental Woody

Oriental fragrances with dominant amber are placed in a separate group thanks to their accentuated warmth and sensuality. Their opulent bouquet includes intoxicating and intensive substances such as musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood, often accompanied with exotic flowers and spices.

~ ♥~Woody Groups; Woody Aquatic, Woody Aromatic, Woody Chypre, Woody Floral Musk, Woody Spicy

Opulent compositions of woody notes in a heart of perfume are accentuated with woody notes of a base. Warm, mysterious sandalwood, drier and sharper cedar and vetiver, resin-like and balmy exotic sorts are usually accompanied with aromatic and citrus notes.

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