KittylandArt's Shop Announcement

A born daydreamer, Kitty Glines uses her creativity to make stained
glass sculptures, printmaking, drawings, paintings and the occasional
piece of origami. While attending Franklin Pierce College, where she
graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History, she fell
in love with stained glass and the endless possibilities it presented.
Using anything she can solder, her inspiration from nature and her
love for art, she creates truly unique, one of a kind stained glass

In 2006 Kitty pursued a Masters Degree for architecture at the Boston
Architectural College for four years. While enrolled she got to travel
to Greece and realized her true passion for the world of fine art.
While architecture turned out to not be her cup of tea, she left with
the knowledge of knowing what she really wanted to do. Once she made
the decision to dive into being an artist head first, she began to
receive commissioned requests for her innovative and contemporary

Currently, Kitty has a studio at ArtSpace in Maynard, Massachusetts
and is accepting request for commissioned work as well as creating any
idea she dreams up. Whether you are looking for a one of a kind
stained glass sculpture, a stained glass window, a lampshade or
whatever else you can dream up, Kitty is the one that can make it a
reality for you. To take a look at her work, visit If you would like to purchase one of her unique
pieces, check out her Etsy store, KittylandArt.