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The mountains around my home
In my little studio
This original oil painting, A Thousand Invisible Threads, reflects my views about our world and hangs in my home.
Birds are always a source of inspiration, as this prolific singer, the brown thrasher, shows.
Much of my work benefits charities which work to promote animal welfare, a cause very dear to me.

Nature-Inspired Art ... handmade and original... from my heart and soul to your walls and home

THE STORY OF MY ART: Painting is a necessary part of my life, much like breathing. My work is inspired by the life I see around me, and that is the beautiful life of the woods, the sky, the mountains, and the people in my community. I aim to express that beauty and share it with others. When someone purchases my art, it's an uplifting moment for me because it means that I am sharing a bit of my soul and a piece of my world with someone else. For me, that is the essence of Etsy... it allows my art to travel across the continent or fly across the globe to be a part of someone else's life and home, and I hope that it brings a sense of joy to all those who see it. I believe each piece of art expresses its own spirit and soul ... and somehow it will find its way to the person for whom it speaks loudest... or whispers quietly.

THE STORY OF MY ART SPACE: I work out of a small single-person studio and shop located in the beautiful woods of Stokes County, NC... smoke-free, but definitely not pet-free as my dogs and cat often accompany me to the studio where paintings originate and are brought to life. In the summer when I look out my studio windows, I see our lush green garden growing fresh goodies while our four hens roam about. In the wintertime, when the colors have changed to gray and brown, I can see straight through the woods to the Saura Mountains stretching out across the horizon. It is like heaven, and I can easily lose track of time in my studio with a paintbrush in my hand. These are just some of the sights that inspire my work.

THE STORY OF MY SHOP NAME: When we left the city and moved to the rural countryside in 2004, I found myself with more time on my hands than I'd had before (my three kids were grown and out on their own), and I became a more serious and prolific painter. And hence the story of my business name. I quickly found myself "knee deep" in canvases, both completed and blank, scattered throughout the house. Fortunately it also led to the construction of my studio building. I like my business name because it makes people smile and they ask questions about it. It gets a conversation started about the process of art.

THE STORY OF YOU AND ME: I hope you will enjoy looking through my shop here on Etsy. Perhaps something will speak or whisper to you. Perhaps the art here will simply give you a moment of beauty, a chance to smile, a time to reflect. And that is okay too.
Rebecca Dresser
owner, Artist, Musician
I listen to the music in the world around me - in the songs of birds, in the rhythms of the seasons, in the voices of people and animals I love. These things influence the way I create art and music, and I find myself knee deep in their beauty.
Faithful Companion
Resident Clown
Abby Normal
Mouse Catcher

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