KnitChetShack's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop!

Keep in mind while browsing- If you see any stitch markers that you would like to have made into earrings, just let me know! I will change them over right away!

I love the idea behind taking a strand of yarn, or a piece of fabric and making something beautiful and comforting.

I get my inspiration from my grandmother, who passed a couple years ago. She was the one that pushed me when I was too young to appreciate the craft of crochet. I wish she could see how much I have appreciated her help for all these years.

If you believe in buying handmade then you have found the right place to shop.
I feel that by buying handmade you actually are connecting with the creator of each project. Each scarf, hat, and purse has a story of its own creation.

If you see anything you like but you are interested in different color ideas, then please let me know! I do not mind making items on commission.
Thank you so much for visiting my shop!

BTW- Knit-Chet (as in croCHET)