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Downloadable Machine Embroidery Designs

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Last updated on Sep 25, 2017

Get 25% off all orders of $30 or more. Use coupon code 25PERCENTOFF at checkout. (Not applicable to custom orders.)


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Detail of a coat using various musical notes.
Thinking about making a tutorial on this technique of using organza to make these invisible appliqués.
Updating my fonts to include the new .BX format.


Embroidery designs for the creative soul

After working retail for a fabric store and sewing machine dealer, I was enthralled by the possibilities of machine embroidery--but not with the majority of embroidery design collections we were selling to be used by the machines.

As the only costumer in a sales staff dominated by quilters, I had a unique perspective and take on the materials. I was encouraged to learn how to use the dealer's brand of embroidery digitizing software (oh, they really had to twist my arm on that one) so that I could demonstrate the package and run the training classes. Now I can make an embroidery machine sew whatever I can imagine.

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    My background is in medieval reenactment and theatrical costume design. I grew up watching and learning from masters of various trades, who all fed my addiction to make wonderful things.

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Frequently asked questions
Sizing details

Most of the designs in my shop include several sizes. The method I use in naming the files indicates the largest dimension of the file.

Files ending with #X# refer to hoop sizes, so:
4X4= the largest design that will fit inside the 4"X4" (100mmX100mm) Hoop
5X7= the largest design that will fit inside the 5"X7" (130mm X 180mm) Hoop
6X10= the largest design that will fit inside the 6"X10" (145mm X 250mm) Oval Hoop.

Files ending with a three digit number refers to the largest dimension in millimeters (I digitize my embroidery designs in metric, not imperial.) for example:
065= 65mm = 2.6"
140= 140mm= 5.5"

Ordering physical Items

I am NOT currently set up to stitch out items with my embroidery designs, but I do have plans to open another store in the future when I can get the proper machinery.

Custom and personalized orders

My pricing varies depending on the complexity of the requested design, and weather or not it can be added to my design catalogue.
Resizing: $15-$25 Phrase with Simple Lettering: $15 (Ex. Name, Motto, etc.) Minor modification/combination of catalogue design: $15-$25 Non-exclusive custom design (I can add it to my catalogue): $15-$40 Exclusive Custom design (Yours alone): $15-$75 Font: $25-$100

How do I download my design?

Here are the instructions from Etsy's Help page

To access your digital file(s), go to "You > Purchases and reviews" and look for the order.

To the right of the order, click Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.

There are generally no limits for when or how many times you can download a file. In most cases you can access a file any time on your Purchases page, provided the transaction hasn't been canceled or removed.

If your payment is still processing, the Download Files button will be grey.

How do I use my file?

All of my embroidery files are compressed into a "zip" archive. Once you download your file, you need to 1. decompress/extract/unzip the archive to access the embroidery files. 2. Save the embroidery files to a location on your computer that you can remember. 3. Select the file format which is compatible with your embroidery machine. 4. Follow the manufacturer's directions of your embroidery machine to transfer the file to your embroidery machine.

How do I unzip my file?

After downloading, hover your mouse over the file name until it is highlighted and right click. If you see an option in the menu that says "Unzip" or "Decompress" or "Extract" or has something with "zip" in the name, that is the option that you need to use.
The computer should then ask you where you want the unzipped embroidery files to be saved to, pick the folder that makes sense, where you will remember them being. Once you finish unzipping the files, then open your embroidery software. You should be able to see the files.

Why is there an odd thread at the end of the embroidery design that I have to trim off?

I found out after many conversations with customers, digitizers, and embroidery machine dealers, that there are a lot of embroidery machines that glitch or just cannot recognize embroidery designs if they do not start and end with the needle in the center of the design.

Given a choice between giving everyone a final jump stitch to trim, or have hundreds of customers unable to use my designs, I choose the jump stitch.

Can you make a custom font?

Yes and no. Even the simplest font is a ridiculous amount of work. Think about it, there are at least 26 designs in a font. (Sometimes 62 or more if you include upper & lower case, numbers, punctuation...). Add on the formatting time, making multiple sizes, organizing the files to make them easy to reference, and so on. It all adds up. 26 times the work means 26 times the price.

What I can do easily is individual custom letters or monograms. Send me an image of the letter/monogram in question, preferably in PNG or BMP format, for a quote. Relist discounts are not available for custom monograms.

I am working on more fonts. I’ll happily take suggestions, and if there is enough interest in certain fonts, I may let it influence me.