Bijoux and jewelry - Handmade in Italy

My beloved rings..:)
My new nest, still a work in progress.
My sewing corner, with items from great EIT teammates! :)
My handmade supplies at
My old messy studio: it all started here! :)

Made with love

As almost any kid I adored drawing, painting, messing with paper and glue and any other artistic expression, knitting, crocheting and sewing clothes for my dolls or repairing them with my father's help or just building a shelf for all my comics.
Then, like many others, as an adult I didn't remain so artistic or crafty, but once I got to start my own life and family everything I had learned was so clear to me and I started to do something new mixing all the abilities I had collected through the years.
I really enjoy doing this and I do hope that my work reveals all the passion and the love I put in it!

PS: a thousand of thanks to my mother Angiolina for helping me a lot by sewing almost all of the fabric pouches that make your new items travel safely and comfortably, for going tens of times to the post office when I was busy with my day job and for supporting me, of course! :*
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The story begins a few years ago with a lovely pair of earrings and a seller that didn't ship to Italy, so I decided to make that pair of earrings myself. Then I discovered I'm quite good at it and I opened my own shop!
Isn't it romantic? :D
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